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merge 159394 from moon-2-0 branch
svn path=/tags/moon/moon-2-3/moon/; revision=159397


update to 2.2
svn path=/tags/moon/2.2/moon/; revision=152489


this is 2.1
svn path=/tags/moon/2.1/moon/; revision=151836


remove the -rpath /nowhere from libmoon's build
svn path=/tags/moon/2.0/moon/; revision=148639


* Adding check_xpi to EXTRA_DSIT
svn path=/branches/moon/1.99.6/moon/; revision=144127


* animation.[h|cpp]: Redesign AnimationStorages. There's now 4
public methods that DOs and Clocks use to control an animation:
    - when a new storage is attached and there is already one on
	the property, Disable removes the handlers from the previous
    - when a storage is detached, the previous one is enabled via
	Enable, which attaches the handlers;
    - when a clock is stopped, it calls Stop, which detaches
	everything and resets the property;
    - when cloning, SwitchTarget is used to replace the DO and its
	handlers on the storage, to avoid having to clone all the
	storages every time.

Storages are now only deleted when the clock stops, is destroyed
or when the DO they're attached to is destroyed. IsLonely was
removed (meaningless now), as well as the resettable flag (only
enabled animations reset)

* dependencyobject.[h|cpp]: a DO can have more than one animation
running on the same DP, and they need to be stored so that when a
DO is cloned, all running animations are updated to the new DO -
- this way, when they stop they update the current DO and not the
one they were originally attached to. This fixes the animation
problems on togglebuttons and other objects that have several
animations overlapping each other. The storage_hash now stores a
List* of AnimationStorage::Node objects with all existing animations
for every DP, and the animation storage cloning process doesn't clone
the storages, it merely creates a new List* with the existing storages
and updates them to the newly cloned DO.

r: alan

svn path=/branches/moon/1.99.2/moon/; revision=140730


 * Bump version to for beta rebuild
svn path=/branches/moon/1.99.1/moon/; revision=140175


2009-08-15 Larry Ewing <>
	* mediaelement.cpp (Render): use the same logic we used in image
	here to always adjust the paint rect when stretch != StretchNone.

	r: andreia

2009-08-15  Larry Ewing  <>

	* System.Windows.Shapes/PathTest.cs: put the Path tests back into

svn path=/branches/moon/1.99.1/moon/; revision=140037


add preview 3 news
svn path=/branches/moon/1.9.2/moon/; revision=134341


add python web ide blurb
svn path=/branches/moon/1.9.1/moon/; revision=133910


2009-05-02 Chris Toshok <>
	* plugin-proxy.cpp (load): add RTLD_GLOBAL to real_plugin,
	otherwise we can't call mono_config_parse_memory from the plugin
	loader (since it doesn't link to libmono directly).

svn path=/branches/moon/1.9.0/moon/; revision=133415


2009-02-24 Chris Toshok <>
        * dependencyobject.cpp (EventObject::FinishEmit): if handlers are
        added to the list during emission, we can end up doing the Finish
        decrements when we didn't do the Start increments, leading to a
        negative events->emitting count.  This causes us to spin in
        unref_delayed on shutdown.  Fixes bug #479364.

        r: kangaroo.

svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=127946


Two major fixes in relaxed media mode for Moonshine WMP compat with b…
…roken playlists

svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=127835


* Updated Changelog
* Ready to tag for 1.0.1
  r: kangaroo on r127423 (previous commit)

svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=127425


* Bumping version from 1.0b1 to 1.0
svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=123267


* Retagging for Beta 1
svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=120392


Update to 1.0b2
svn path=/tags/moon/1.0b2/; revision=119348


2008-11-11 Geoff Norton <>
	* codec-url.h: Use __i386__ to detect 32-bit.

svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=118561


2008-11-03 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
	See tests/xaml/test-textblock-actualheight.html and
	test-textblock-hittest.html as compared with Microsoft

	* layout.cpp (TextLayout::Layout*): trailing LineBreak elements
	actually do count toward ActualHeight metrics.

svn path=/branches/moon-1-0/; revision=117814


Bump version to 0.8.1
svn path=/tags/moon/0.8.1/; revision=110811


2008-08-06 Geoff Norton <>
        * dependencyproperty.cpp: When registering a clashing DP
        return the original so that the code can act on it as it
        expects.  Fixes about 18 DRT regressions.

svn path=/trunk/moon/; revision=109833


Update moonlight version to 0.7
svn path=/trunk/moon/; revision=106674


* tools must build after other mono stuff
svn path=/trunk/moon/; revision=103144
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