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General info

A couple of parts make up the performance suite:

* perf-suite-tool - a simple tool that runs a given (HTML) test with given
  settings (passed via command line) and outputs the results to an XML file.

* perf-suite-runner - the main tool that runs the whole performance suite
  according to the drtlist.xml file describing the tests and puts the results
  in the database.

* perf-suite-generator - generates an up-to-date HTML report file by
  processing the current data in the database.

* perf-suite-set - contains the tests. Index in drtlist.xml. 

* perf-report - the index.html file is generated here by the

Running the suite

To run an iteration of the performance tests (and generate the results) one
needs to run the perf-suite-runner and later perf-suite-generator. The easiest
way to do that is:

  $> make run-perf
To view the results, open perf-report/index.html in your web browser.

Configuring runs (passes)

Each iteration of the performance tests (a "pass") can have some data
associated with it. This data (if available) is displayed in the report. The
basic pass data includes:

* Short name - a short name of the pass, ie. revision number ("r1212121")
* Author - author associated with the pass, ie. commiter ("michael")
* ChangeLog - changelog entry associated with the pass

Those options can be specified via command line when running the tools (use
--help switch to get more details). Additionally, one can use env vars to 
set them. Respective variables are:


So, in example, to set the short name:

  $> PERF_SHORT_NAME="r123" PERF_AUTHOR="mdk" make run-perf
Options passed via command line have higher precedence than those passed via
env variables. The `make` command runs the tools with no cmd line options.

Additionally, the PERF_DATABASE_FILE variable can be used to specify a
location for storing the results.

Auto running with SVN data

To have all the meta-data fetched automatically from the (current) SVN repository,

  $> svn-dispatcher

This is mostly meant for automated scripts.

Running single test

To run a single test (without storing the results in the database) use the PERF_TEST_ID
variable. In example:

  $> PERF_TEST_ID="1" make run-perf

The results of this run will only be printed to the console.