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2009-09-09 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Remove unneeded Toolbox code. We now support proper point-resize-click
control creation.
2009-09-09 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Update Visual Studio project files.
2009-09-09 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* deps/Mono.Design/ Update for Python 3 and 2.6
2009-09-09 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Add .txt extension to the text files
2008-09-03 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Update to reflect anonsvn viewvc update,
which broke the downloading process.
* Mono.Design/Makefile: force-invoke generate-md rule else make doesn't.
I have no idea why.
2008-09-03 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* CodeProvider.cs: Fix CreateUniqueMethodName.
2008-09-03 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* CodeProvider.cs: Fix one more NRE in GetCompatibleMethods.
2008-09-03 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* CodeProvider.cs: Don't assume that all definitions will be method
definitions in the .Designer file. Fixes a NRE.
2008-09-02 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* deps/Mono.Design/patches/DesignerHost-designer-type-replacement.patch,
Fix the hunk headers, so that the patches actually apply.
* deps/Mono.Design/ Report patching errors.
[Fixes bug #418197]
2008-09-01 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* deps/Mono.Design/patches/DesignerHost-designer-type-replacement.patch,
Do not mix MSNET and Mono.Design designer/serializer types.
2008-08-19 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Make the file path textbox readonly in the New File dialog.
[Fixes bug #417617]
2008-07-28 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Misc fixes and improvements.
2008-07-27 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Add a mono-design-update build target to the Makefile to allow
an user to regenerate Mono.Design with upstream System.Design.
2008-07-27 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Remove a leftover CWL.
2008-07-27 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Fix the creation of new files.
2008-07-24 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* DesignTime/CodeProvider.cs: Make the search for a code behind file
case insensitive.
2008-07-23 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/NewFileDialog.cs: Validate text entries.
Patch by Guillaume Simart <>
2008-07-21 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Integrate Mono.Design for building with Visual Studio.
2008-07-18 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/PropertyGrid.cs, UI/MainView.cs: Clear the propertygrid.
2008-06-18 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/PropertyGrid.cs: Handle removing of the root component.
2008-03-11 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* DesignTime/CodeProviderDesignerLoader.cs: Guard against a NRE in
ReportErrors if the error collection is null.
2008-03-02 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Enable Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete as I've already implmented
those in System.Design.
* Much better code for the PropertyGrid
* Makefile: Fixes and improvements.
* Program.cs: Fix spacing.
* DesignTime/CodeProviderDesignerLoader.cs: Report errors only if
we weren't successful.
* DesignTime/UndoRedoEngine.cs: Fix multi undo/redo operations.
2008-01-07 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/ToolBoxList.cs:
- Drop Docking of the categories for using custom layouting in order
to show the categories in the order they were added.
- Implement RemoveToolboxItem.
- Drop NotImplementedExceptions in order to make it work on MSNET.
* DesignTime/ToolboxFiller.cs, Project/Workspace.cs, UI/MainView.cs:
Move the Toolbox filling code out of the Workspace and create a
Mediator(?) between References and Toolbox.
* Project/References.cs: Provide add/remove notication.
* DesignTime/CodeProvider.cs, DesignTime/CodeProviderDesignerLoader.cs:
NRefactory doesn't recognize between field and property reference, so
we need to tell it in oder to get proper CodeExpressions generated.
* UndoRedoEngine.cs: Implemented.
* deps/ICSharpCode.NRefactory.dll: Update to 2.2.1.
* Makefile: fixes for building without Mono.Design.
2007-10-24 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Program.cs: More exception handling.
* UI/NewFileDialog.cs: Usability improvements.
2007-09-26 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* DesignTime/CodeProviderDesignerLoader.cs: SetUIDirty to
clear the errors.
* UI/ErrorListTabPage.cs, UI/ErrorList.cs: new TabPage.
* UI/MainView.cs: refactor to use the ErrorListTabPage.
* Project/Document.cs, UI/MainView.cs: Handle failed to
load documents.
* Project/Document.cs: add disposing behavior.
* Project/Document.cs, Project/Workspace.cs, UI/MainView.cs:
Move document load/close logic to the workspace.
* Project/Workspace.cs, UI/MainView.cs: documents now can be
associated with a key object.
* UI/PropertyGrid.cs: NRE fixes.
2007-09-19 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/MainView.cs: Show the Errors tab.
2007-09-18 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* DesignTime/CodeProviderDesignerLoader.cs: Make use of IUIService
to report errors.
* UI/ErrorList.cs: Add.
2007-09-13 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ReferencesDialog.cs: Allow referencing executables.
* UI/MainView.Designer.cs: Use FixedPanel layouting.
2007-09-09 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* Makefile: fix build.
2007-09-06 Jonathan Pobst <>
* UI/MainView.cs: Use Suspend/ResumeLayout for performance increase
when populating the toolbox.
2007-09-06 Jonathan Pobst <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/ToolBoxGroupPanel.cs: After we muck around with
ControlAdded, we need another layout to fix everything up.
2007-09-02 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/*.cs: spaces to tabs.
2007-09-02 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/ToolBoxGroupHeader.cs: Make categories more
visually recognizable.
2007-09-02 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/ToolBoxList.cs: Rename default category
from "All Controls" to "All".
* DesignTime/TypeResolutionService.cs: Implement ReferenceAssembly.
* Project/Workspace, UI/MainView.cs: Toolbox categorization.
2007-08-31 Ivan N. Zlatev <>
* UI/ToolBoxList/*.cs: A new fancy Toolbox. Patch by J. Pobst.
* UI/Toolbox.cs, UI/Toolbox.Designer.cs: Delete old.
* all: Add license headers.
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