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2006-05-08 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/Song.cs: Make GetFrameString, GetFrameShort, and GetFrameInt
perform conversions to respective return type if frame type is not of
the expected data type; fixes an issue with a Nomad Jukebox 1 device
reported and originally fixed by Bertrand Lorentz (BGO #341030)
* src/NjbTest.cs: Updated to generate a standalone FDI file
2006-04-17 Aaron Bockover <>
0.3.0 Release
* src/*.{c,cs}: Updated copyright headers
* src/en/*: Updated monodoc documentation
* NEWS: Updated with release entry
* AUTHORS: Updated email address
2006-04-17 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/NjbTest.cs: Added --hal-fdi-dump to generate HAL FDI entries for
all devices listed in DeviceId
* src/DeviceId.cs: Added support for storing input/output formats
2006-04-13 Aaron Bockover <>
* Bump to 0.3.0
2006-04-13 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/SongFrame.cs: Fixed frame creation
* src/Device.cs: Fixed send track support; added DeleteSong support
* src/Utility.cs: Added FreeStringPtr
* src/Song.cs: Added set accessors to common frame properties
2005-12-22 Aaron Bockover <>
* Bump to 0.2.2
* src/ Fixed install to $(pkglibdir)
2005-12-22 Aaron Bockover <>
* Version 0.2.1
* src/ Install to $(pkglibdir)
* src/en/*: Updated documentation
2005-12-18 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/en/*: Updated documentation
* src/DeviceId.cs: Make table more easily readable
* src/Device.cs: Changed Songs and DataFiles properties to GetSongs and
GetDataFiles methods returning an ICollection as the tasks are expensive
and exposing as properties is misleading (framework design guidelines);
uppercase the SDMIID
* src/Song.cs: Changed Frames property to GetFrames method as the
operation is expensive (conform to .NET framework design guidelines);
changed Length (ushort) property to Duration (TimeSpan); added a Device
property for 'parent' lookups
* src/NjbTest.cs: Updated to reflect change from properties to methods
for GetSongs()
2005-12-18 Aaron Bockover <>
* njb-sharp.mdp: Updated MonoDevelop project
* src/ DLL Map; should remain unused directly
in consuming applications for now, but can serve as a template for the
end application to use
* Added expanded_libdir variable and generate a DLL map
* src/Device.cs (Dispose): Only call NJB_Close if Handle is still valid
* src/Discoverer.cs: Added a Rescan method which may need to be used
for rediscovering potentially new devices. Refreshes the device list
cache. Very useful if consuming application also uses HAL for device
* src/ Added DeviceId.cs
* src/DeviceId.cs: Simple class and static table to perform "pre" device
lookup to verify if a USB device will most likely be supported by libnjb.
Lookups to table are performed based on USB vendor and product IDs. This
is useful for HAL-based detection, where probing Njb.Discoverer may be
costly for each [USB] device in the system. Also maps device names to
something more suitable for display.
2005-12-17 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/Device.cs: Added support for finding the USB bus and file path
of the device; Added overrides for Equals and GetHashCode methods
based on UsbDeviceId and UsbBusPath properties
* src/njb-glue.c: Added two new helper methods to proxy device path and
filename information from underlying libusb structures
* src/en/*: Updated docs
2005-12-01 Aaron Bockover <>
* Added a LibraryBase variable
* Fixed typo in detecting MONODOCER, bumped to version 0.2
* src/ Added DataFile.cs, link against Mono.Posix.dll
*[sp]: MonoDevelop solution/project file
* src/Device.cs: Added fetch support for songs; fixed minor syntax issues;
added DataFile container list support; do not cache Song/DataFile objects
* src/Global.cs:
* src/SongFrame.cs:
* src/Song.cs: fixed syntaxt issues
* src/Discoverer.cs: Remove IDisposable, fixed minor syntax issues
* src/NjbTest.cs: Added song transfer support to test case
* src/DataFile.cs: Skeleton bindings for Data File support
* Make DISTCLEANFILES standard
* Clean out autogenerated build gunk
* src/en/*: Updated docs
2005-10-11 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/Discoverer.cs: Make ArrayHandle internal
* src/ Assembly Info
* src/njb-sharp-docs.source: njb-sharp docs source for monodoc
* src/en/*: ECMA XML docs for monodoc
* src/ Build documentation
* Add checks for monodoc, output src/AssemblyInfo.cs
* Bump to v0.1.1
* src/ Add Song.cs/SongFrame.cs files to build
* src/njb-glue.c: Add glue for dealing with the njb_songid_frame_t struct
* src/NjbTest.cs: Print out songs on device
* src/SongFrame.cs: Bindings to Song Frame data type and functions
* src/Song.cs: Bindings to Song data type and functions
* src/Devicec.cs: Add Song support
* COPYING: Replaced LGPL with MIT
* njb-sharp: Initial import to Mono SVN
* src/Device.cs: Device layer essentially finished
* src/: First code written for binding libnjbb
* Set up autotools configuration