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Commits on Dec 2, 2005
  1. 2005-12-01 Aaron Bockover <>

    Aaron Bockover authored
        * Fixed typo in detecting MONODOCER, bumped to version 0.2
        * src/ Added DataFile.cs, link against Mono.Posix.dll
        *[sp]: MonoDevelop solution/project file
        * src/Device.cs: Added fetch support for songs; fixed minor syntax issues;
        added DataFile container list support; do not cache Song/DataFile objects
        * src/Global.cs:
        * src/SongFrame.cs:
        * src/Song.cs: fixed syntaxt issues
        * src/Discoverer.cs: Remove IDisposable, fixed minor syntax issues
        * src/NjbTest.cs: Added song transfer support to test case
        * src/DataFile.cs: Skeleton bindings for Data File support
        * Make DISTCLEANFILES standard
        * Clean out autogenerated build gunk
        * src/en/*: Updated docs
    svn path=/trunk/njb-sharp/; revision=53816
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