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Neat stuff:
We use DynamicMethods to directly dispatch to the method stub in the managed class. This is a shit ton faster than the old marshaller/translator at the expense of a bit of memory. Memory is "cheap" these days anyways. We could likely do some caching there (or more than the none that I do). NSInvocation works now too which allows stuff like this.Call ("someSelector:") which is freaking AWESOME compared to the old objc_msgSend crap.
This list is by no means exhaustive, its just a spew of stuff I keep forgetting that needs to be done:
- Support [Export ("someOtherSelectorName:")]
- Support static methods
- Support ivar [in|out] in the class proxy
- Proper support for NSView subclassers this time
- Support non-alloc/init constructors and generate their proxies
- Posing?
- Overloading methods in a poser?
- Why is nunit appdomainyness fucking us so hard?
- nsautoreleasepool that I alloc/init should probably not be retained
- sdp generate scriptbridge stuff?
- possibly statically/dynamically generate types from bridge-support?
- do we want a fallback of the new dynamicmethod stuff that will work with 10.4? how do we realistically switch runtimes from shitty old code to beautiful new code?
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