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MySql - Changed command editor to point to MySqlClient.Design
Common - Fixed bug in Version.isAtLeast
Common - Changed DBConnectionString to support changes done to MySqlConnectionString
Common - Removed SqlCommandEditor and DataAdapterPreviewDialog
MySql - Using new long return values in many places
MySql - Integrated new CompressedStream class
MySql - Changed ConnectionString and added attributes to allow it to be used in MySqlClient.Design
MySql - Changed packet.cs to support newer lengths in ReadLenInteger
MySql - changed other classes to use new properties and fields of MySqlConnectionString
MySql - ConnectionInternal is now using PING to see if the server is alive
MySql - Moved toolbox bitmaps into resource/
MySql - Changed field.cs to allow values to come directly from row buffer
MySql - Changed to use the new driver.Send syntax
MySql - Using a new packet queueing system
MySql - started work handling the "broken" compression packet handling
Common - Fixed bug in StreamCreator where failure to connect to a host would continue
to loop infinitly (thanks Kevin Casella)
MySql - Improved connectstring handling
MySql - Moved designers into Pro product
MySql - Removed some old commented out code from command.cs
MySql - Fixed a problem with compression
MySql - Fixed connection object where an exception throw prior to the connection opening would not leave
the connection in the connecting state (thanks Chris Cline )
MySql - Added GUID support
MySql - Fixed sequence out of order bug (thanks Mark Reay)
MySql - Enum values now supported as parameter values (thanks Philipp Sumi)
MySql - Year datatype now supported
MySql - fixed compression
MySql - Fixed bug where a parameter with a TimeSpan as the value would not serialize properly
MySql,Common - Fixed bug where default ctor would not set default connection string values
MySql - Added some XML comments to some members
MySql - Work to fix/improve compression handling
MySql,Common - Improved ConnectionString handling so that it better matches the standard set by SqlClient.
MySql - A MySqlException is now thrown if a username is not included in the connection string
MySql- Localhost is now used as the default if not specified on the connection string
MySql - An exception is now thrown if an attempt is made to set the connection string while the connection is open
MySql - Small changes to ConnectionString docs
MySql,common - Removed MultiHostStream and MySqlStream. Replaced it with Common/StreamCreator
MySql - Added support for Use Pipe connection string value
MySql - Added Platform class for easier access to platform utility functions
MySql - Fixed small pooling bug where new connection was not getting created after IsAlive fails
Common - Added Platform.cs and StreamCreator.cs
MySql - Fixed Field.cs to properly handle 4.1 style timestamps
MySql - Changed Common.Version to Common.DBVersion to avoid name conflict
MySql - Fixed field.cs so that text columns return the right field type (thanks
MySql - Added MySqlError class to provide some reference for error codes (thanks Geert Veenstra)
------------0.74 ------------------------
MySql - Added Unix socket support (thanks Mohammad DAMT [])
MySql - only calling Thread.Sleep when no data is available
MySql - improved escaping of quote characters in parameter data
MySql - removed misleading comments from parameter.cs
Mysql -fixed pooling bug
MySql - same pooling bug fixed again!! ;-)
MySql - Fixed ConnectionSTring editor dialog (thanks marco p (pomarc))
Common - UserId now supported in connection strings (thanks Jeff Neeley)
MySql - Attempting to create a parameter that is not input throws an exception (thanks Ryan Gregg)
MySql - Added much documentation
MySql - checked in new MultiHostStream capability. Big thanks to Dan Guisinger for this. he originally submitted the code and idea of supporting multiple machines on the connect string.
MySql - Added alot of documentation. Still alot to do.
MySql - Fixed speed issue with 0.73
MySql - changed to Thread.Sleep(0) in MySqlDataStream to help optimize the case where it doesn't need to wait (thanks Todd German)
MySql - Prepopulating the idlepools to MinPoolSize
MySql - Fixed MySqlPool deadlock condition as well as stupid bug where CreateNewPooledConnection
was not ever adding new connections to the pool.
Also fixed MySqlStream.ReadBytes and ReadByte to not use TicksPerSecond which does not appear
to always be right.
(thanks Matthew J. Peddlesden)
MySql - Fix for precision and scale (thanks Matthew J. Peddlesden)
MySql - Added Thread.Sleep(1) to stream reading methods to be more cpu friendly (thanks Sean McGinnis)
MySql - Fixed problem where ExecuteReader would sometime return null (thanks Lloyd Dupont )
MySql - Fixed major bug with null field handling (thanks Naucki)
MySql - enclosed queries for max_allowed_packet and characterset inside try catch (and set defaults)
MySql - fixed problem where socket was not getting closed properly (thanks Steve!)
MySql - Fixed problem where ExecuteNonQuery was not always returning the right value
MySql - Fixed InternalConnection to not use @@session.max_allowed_packet but use @@max_allowed_packet. (Thanks Miguel)
MySql - Added many new XML doc lines
MySql - Fixed sql parsing to not send empty queries (thanks Rory)
MySql - Fixed problem where the reader was not unpeeking the packet on close
MySql - Fixed problem where user variables were not being handled (thanks Sami Vaaraniemi)
MySql - Fixed loop checking in the MySqlPool (thanks Steve M. Brown)
MySql - Fixed ParameterCollection.Add method to match SqlClient (thanks Joshua Mouch)
Common & MySql - Fixed ConnectionSTring parsing to handle no and yes for boolean and not lowercase values (thanks Naucki)
MySql - Added InternalConnection class, changes to pooling
Common - Implemented Persist Security Info
Common - Added security.cs and version.cs to project
MySql - Fixed DateTime handling in Parameter.cs (thanks Burkhard Perkens-Golomb)
MySql - Fixed parameter serialization where some types would throw a cast exception
MySql - Fixed DataReader to convert all returned values to prevent casting errors (thanks Keith Murray)
MySql - Added code to Command.ExecuteReader to return null if the initial SQL command throws an exception (thanks Burkhard Perkens-Golomb)
MySql - Fixed ExecuteScalar bug introduced with restructure
MySql - Restructure to allow for LOCAL DATA INFILE and better sequencing of packets
MySql - Fixed several bugs related to restructure.
MySql - Early work done to support more secure passwords in Mysql 4.1. Old passwords in 4.1 not supported yet
MySql- Parameters appearing after system parameters are now handled correctly (Adam M. (adammil))
MySql - strings can now be assigned directly to blob fields (Adam M.)
MySql - Fixed float parameters (thanks Pent)
MySql - Improved Parameter ctor and ParameterCollection.Add methods to better match SqlClient (thx Joshua Mouch )
MySql - Corrected Connection.CreateCommand to return a MySqlCommand type
MySql - Fixed connection string designer dialog box problem (thanks Abraham Guyt)
MySql - Fixed problem with sending commands not always reading the response packet (thanks Joshua Mouch )
MySql - Fixed parameter serialization where some blobs types were not being handled (thanks Sean McGinnis )
MySql - Removed spurious from DataReader code (thanks Joshua Mouch )
MySql - Fixed a nasty bug in the split sql code (thanks everyone! :-) )
*************Released 0.71***********************
MySql - Fixed bug in MySqlStream where too much data could attempt to be read (thanks Peter Belbin)
MySql - Implemented HasRows (thanks Nash Pherson)
MySql - Fixed bug where tables with more than 252 columns cause an exception ( thanks Joshua Kessler )
MySql - Fixed bug where SQL statements ending in ; would cause a problem ( thanks Shane Krueger )
MySql - Fixed bug in driver where error messsages were getting truncated by 1 character (thanks Shane Krueger)
* Made MySqlException serializable (thanks Mathias Hasselmann)
* Made PgSqlException serializable (thanks Mathias Hasselmann)
***********Released 0.70*********************
* Updated some of the character code pages to be more accurate
* Fixed problem where readers could be opened on connections that had readers open
* Release of 0.70
* Moved test to separate assembly MySqlClientTests
* Fixed stupid problem in driver with sequence out of order (Thanks Peter Belbin)
* Added some pipe tests
* Increased default max pool size to 50
* Compiles with Mono 0-24
* Fixed connection and data reader dispose problems
* Added String datatype handling to parameter serialization
* Fixed sequence problem in driver that occured after thrown exception
(thanks Burkhard Perkens-Golomb)
* Added support for CommandBehavior.SingleRow to DataReader
* Fixed command sql processing so quotes are better handled (thanks Theo Spears)
* Fixed parsing of double, single, and decimal values to account for non-English separators.
You still have to use the right syntax if you using hard coded sql, but if you use parameters
the code will convert floating point types to use '.' appropriately internal both into the server
and out.
[ Thanks anonymous ]
* Added MySqlStream class to simplify timeOuts and driver coding.
* Fixed DataReader so that it is closed properly when the associated connection is closed.
[thanks smishra]
* Made client more SqlClient compliant so that DataReaders have to be closed before the connection
can be used to run another command
* Improved DBNull.Value handling in the fields
* Added several unit tests
* Fixed MySqlException so that the base class is actually called :-o
* Improved driver coding
* Too many changes to document. Still basic structuring of driver. Driver not really usable yet.
* Fixed bug where NextResult was returning false on the last resultset
* Added more tests for MySQL
* Improved casting problems by equating unsigned 32bit values to Int64 and usigned 16bit values to Int32, etc
* Added new ctor for MySqlParameter for (name, type, size, srccol)
* Fixed bug in MySqlDataReader where it didn't check for null fieldlist before returning field count
* Started adding MySqlClient unit tests (added MySqlClient/Tests folder and some test cases)
* Fixed some things in Connection String handling
* Moved INIT_DB to MySqlPool. I may move it again, this is in preparation of the conference.
* Fixed bug inside CommandBuilder that prevented inserts from happening properly
* Reworked some of the internals so that all three execute methods of Command worked properly
* FIxed many small bugs found during benchmarking
* The first cut of CoonectionPooling is working. "min pool size" and "max pool size" are respected.
* Work to enable multiple resultsets to be returned
* Character sets are handled much more intelligently now. The driver queries MySQL at startup for the default character set.
That character set is then used for conversions if that code page can be loaded. If not, then the default code
page for the current OS is used.
* Added code to save the inferred type in the name,value ctor of Parameter
* Also, inferred type if value of null parameter is changed using Value property
* Converted all files to use proper Camel case. MySQL is now MySql in all files. PgSQL is now PgSql
* Added attribute to PgSql code to prevent designer from trying to show
* Added MySQLDbType property to Parameter object and added proper conversion code to convert from DbType to MySQLDbType)
* Removed unused ObjectToString method from MySQLParameter.cs
* Fixed Add(..) method in ParameterCollection so that it doesn't use Add(name, value) instead.
* Fixed IndexOf and Contains in ParameterCollection to be aware that parameter names are now stored without @
* Fixed Command.ConvertSQLToBytes so it only allows characters that can be in MySQL variable names
* Fixed DataReader and Field so that blob fields read their data from Field.cs and GetBytes works right
* Added simple query builder editor to CommandText property of MySQLCommand
* Fixed CommandBuilder and Parameter serialization to account for Parameters not storing @ in their names
* Removed MySQLFieldType enum from Field.cs. Now using MySQLDbType enum
* Added Designer attribute to several classes to prevent designer view when using VS.Net
* Fixed Initial catalog typo in ConnectionString designer
* Removed 3 parameter ctor for MySQLParameter that conflicted with (name, type, value)
* changed MySQLParameter so paramName is now stored without leading @ (this fixed null inserts when using designer)
* Changed TypeConverter for MySQLParameter to use the ctor with all properties
Note that this build has not been checked out with Mono.
* Fixed sequence issue in driver
* Added DbParametersEditor to make parameter editing more like SqlClient
* Fixed Command class so that parameters can be edited using the designer
* Update connection string designer to support Use Compression flag
* Fixed string encoding so that European characters like ä will work correctly
* Creating base classes to aid in building new data providers
* Added support for UID key in connection string
* Field, parameter, command now using DBNull.Value instead of null
* CommandBuilder using DBNull.Value
* CommandBuilder now builds insert command correctly when an auto_insert field is not present
* Field now uses typeof keyword to return System.Types (performance)
* MySQLCommandBuilder now implemented
* Transaction support now implemented (not all table types support this)
* GetSchemaTable fixed to not use xsd (for Mono)
* Driver is now Mono-compatible!!
* TIME data type now supported
* More work to improve Timestamp data type handling
* Changed signatures of all classes to match corresponding SqlClient classes
* Protocol compression using SharpZipLib (
* Named pipes on Windows now working properly
* Work done to improve Timestamp data type handling
* Implemented IEnumerable on DataReader so DataGrid would work
* Speed increased dramatically by removing bugging network sync code
* Driver no longer buffers rows of data (more ADO.Net compliant)
* Conversion bugs related to TIMESTAMP and DATETIME fields fixed