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2006-07-26 César Octavio López Natarén <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Added JScriptCodeCompiler.cs from
Akiramei ( to the build.
2006-01-08 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Makefile: No longer reference the C# compiler for namespace
2005-10-21 Carlos Alberto Cortez <>
* SemanticAnalizer.cs, Import.cs: Update calls to the
latest changes in namespace.cs. Keep the old calls for
2.0 profile, and update them as soon as these changes are
merged to gmcs.
2005-09-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* Makefile (COMPILER): New. Points to mcs.exe or gmcs.exe
depending on the profile.
(LIB_MCS_FLAGS): Pick the profile dependent compiler.
2005-09-14 Ritvik Mayank <>
* Makefile : Added mcs.exe path
2005-08-08 Florian Gross <>
* Imported Test/Mozilla
2005-05-18 Marek Safar <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Added JScriptCodeGenerator.cs
2005-05-07 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* COMFieldInfo.cs, COMMethodInfo.cs, JSMethod.cs: added to the
2005-05-06 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Add ArgumentsObject.cs to the build is used on code generated
when the implicit arguments object is used inside a method.
2005-05-03 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: IWrappedMember.cs,
IVsaScriptCodeItem.cs, IDebugType.cs, IDefineEvent.cs,
IEngine2.cs, IMethodsCompletionInfo.cs, INeedEngine.cs,
IObjectCompletionInfo.cs, ISite2.cs, MemberInfoInitializer.cs, VSAITEMTYPE2.cs
added to the build.
2005-05-02 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: COMMemberInfo.cs,
IAuthorServices.cs, IColorizeText.cs, IDebugConvert.cs,
IDebuggerObject.cs, IDebugScriptScope.cs, IErrorHandler.cs,
IParseText.cs, ITokenColorInfo.cs, ITokenEnumerator.cs,
IVsaFullErrorInfo.cs, SourceState.cs, TokenColor.cs added to the
build. These are missing interfaces for COM interop.
2005-02-05 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Nuke SymbolTable.cs
2004-12-10 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: add JSPropertyInfo.cs
2004-10-11 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: add TypeMananger.cs
2004-09-20 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Antlr.Runtime/[antlr, antlr.collections, antlr.collections.impl,
antlr.debug, antlr.debug.misc]: Good bye antlr.
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: dropped antlr dependency.
2004-08-22 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: added In.cs, Token.cs,
TokenStream.cs and Parser.cs to the build. Don't build
JScriptLexer.cs and JScriptParser.cs
2004-04-28 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Added Assembly/AssemblyInfo.cs and
Locale.cs to the build.
2004-01-16 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: added VsaScriptScope to the build.
2003-11-10 <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: don't build Visitor.cs.
2003-11-03 <>
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Added IdentificationTable.cs,
SemanticAnalizer.cs and SymbolTable.cs to the build.
2003-09-29 <>
* Makefile: Set TEST_MCS_FLAGS.
* Microsoft.JScript_test.dll.sources: deleted the building of my
local test BaseVsaEngineTest.
* Added Microsoft.JScript_test.dll.sources
* Makefile: allow test build.
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Added VsaItem.cs, VsaItems.cs,
VsaGlobalItem.cs, VsaReferenceItem.cs , VsaCodeItem.cs to the build.
2003-09-24 <>
* Microsoft.JScript/: Deleted VsaEngine.cs and BaseVsaEngine.cs
* Microsoft.JScript.dll.sources: Changed the namespaces for VsaEngine and BaseVsaEngine.
2003-07-22 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* Added the new files to the build.
2003-06-09 Cesar Octavio Lopez Nataren <>
* Added FormalParameterList, Statement, VariableDeclaration,
VariableStatement and Visitor files to the unix.args.
2003-04-21 Cesar Octavio Lopez Nataren <>
* Added Antlr.Runtime, it contains the files needed for compiling
the files generated by antlr.
* Added Antlr.Runtime/antlr, Antlr.Runtime/antlr.collections,
Antlr.Runtime/antlr.collections.impl, Antlr.Runtime/antlr.debug,
* makefile.gnu: Added some more references to the compilation.
* unix.args: Erased some newlines and tabs that were confusing
* ScriptObject.cs: Commented "public Object this [params ...]" temp.
2003-04-20 Cesar Octavio Lopez Nataren <>
* ChangeLog: Added this file.
* Added makefile.gnu and unix.args.