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2008-12-30 Gert Driesen <>
* DataTools.cs
* Provider.cs
* ProviderCollection.cs
* ProviderFactory.cs: Fixed line endings.
2008-09-06 Daniel Morgan <>
* ProviderSectionHandler.cs
* ProviderFactory.cs
* ProviderCollection.cs
* DataTools.cs
* Provider.cs: for the NET_2_0 profile,
added Obsolete attribute
to all classes in assembly Mono.Data because it
has been superceded by DbProviderFactories in System.Data
2006-02-13 Daniel Morgan <>
* ProviderSectionHandler.cs
* Provider.cs: add support
for parameter prefix and command builder
* app.config: updated the sample app.config file
to include parameterprefix and commandbuilder on
some providers
2006-02-13 Daniel Morgan <>
Patches from Brad Langhorst <>
* ProviderSectionHandler.cs
* ProviderFactory
* ProviderCollection.cs
* DataTools.cs
* Provider.cs: catch invalid args,
allow non-qualified assembly loading,
warn about empty providers
2005-12-31 Daniel Morgan <>
* test/test.exe.config
* app.config: add new ADO.NET providers, remove obsolete providers, and
add more sample connection strings
* Provider.cs: load providers internal to System.Data differently than those
that are external, better error handling for assembly or connection class not found
2004-03-30 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* DataTools.cs: in FillDataSet(string,SelectCommand), use the connection
got from the configuration file to create the data adapter. Patch by
Matthijs ter Woord.
2003-12-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* ProviderSectionHandler.cs: use XPath to get the providers to avoid
getting an exception when there's whitespace, comments... Patch by Marco
Canini <>.