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2004-01-21 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoBinder.cs (Distance):
Check the interfaces implemented for each base type
as well, as Mono no longer includes inherited interfaces
in GetInterfaces ()
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/*.cs: Update tests to compile.
* tests/run.logo: Add a second version of the statement that
does not go through Run, for comparison purposes.
2003-05-15 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Langauges.Logo.Compiler/ElementType.cs: Add new
QuestionMark type.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs: New
form of Execute that operates on runlists.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Parser.cs: Add new
AllowQuestionMark property and runlist ctor
which wrap around the Tokenizer equivalents. Add
support for QuestionMark tokens.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/TokenType.cs: Add new
QuestionMark type.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Tokenizer.cs: Add
new AllowQuestionMark property and runlist ctor.
(TokenForChar): If AllowQuestionMark is set to true,
parse ? as a QuestionMark token.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/Funcs.cs: Make ListToString
an internal method, as it is useful in Interpreter. Add
new function Run.
* tests/run.logo: Added.
2003-05-11 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo/Makefile: Updated.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/CSharpCompiler.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Compiler.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/IndentingWriter.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs: Update
for new SendMessage semantics.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.RunTime/ITypedMessageStore.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.RunTime/TypedMessageArgument.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.RunTime/TypedMessageInfo.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/CTSMessageTarget.cs: Update
for new SendMessage semantics. Implement ITypedMessageStore.
Add a new construct-time argument to not automatically
wrap objects in CTSMessageTargets.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/IMessageStoreCollection.cs: Update
for new SendMessage semantics. Implement ITypedMessageStore.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/IMessageTarget.cs: Change
SendMessage to return the result instead of using a byref
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoMessageTarget.cs: Update
for new SendMessage semantics.
* mlogo/main.cs: Add new /compile option.
2003-05-08 Rachel Hestilow <>
* COPYING: Update copyright.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Function.cs:
(Describe): Do not count the collector argument towards
the min_argc.
(Invoke): Support collector aruments. Set result to
the value returned by Interpreter.Execute.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs:
(Execute): If the "output" statement is called, return
with the value passed to it.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Parser.cs: Remove
commented-out cruft.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/Funcs.cs: New method
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoContext.cs: New
properties StopExecution and OutputValue. New method
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoMessageTarget.cs:
Make funcs a case-insensitive hash table.
* tests/function2.logo: Print out all arguments to foo,
and add an actual call to foo.
2003-05-07 Rachel Hestilow <>
User-defined functions work! There has been far too long
a gap in development to write a proper ChangeLog entry.
2002-12-22 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Makefile: Add clean target. Bomb out on subdir errors.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/ElementType.cs: Add new Variable
type. This allows the interpreter/compiler to optimize certain
static-string variable accesses.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs: Maintain a root
(CollectArgs, Execute): Handle ElementType.Variable.
(ExecuteStatement): Pass context to SendMessage.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Parser.cs (ParseInfix): Handle
unary minus as a special case.
(ParseBackwards): Handle unary minus as a statement for now.
Handle variable accesses as ElementType.Variable.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/PassContextAttribute.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/IMessageTarget (SendMessage):
Require a LogoContext.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoBinder.cs: Accept a LogoContext
in ctor, and add a Context property. Support PassContextAttribute.
(BindToMethod): Allow null in object arguments (assume "object" type).
Fix a bug in min_vararg_count value (was always being set to 1).
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/CTSMessageTarget.cs:
(SendMessage): Remove dead signature code. Set context on binder.
(ListMessages): Support PassContextAttribute.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/Funcs.cs: New functions Minus, Make,
LocalMake, Local, and Thing.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/LogoContext.cs: Add a RootContext
property. Add a static "NullVariable" property to be used
when allocating variable slots.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/Makefile: Add PassContextAttribute.cs.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-cts.cs: Pass in a LogoContext
to SendMessage.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-tokenizer.cs: Tokenize the specified
file, not a hardcoded string.
* tests/math.logo: Fix a typo in unary minus. This works now,
except for the unimplemented *seq functions -- comment those out.
* tests/sum.logo: Make this print the results out.
2002-12-13 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/DefaultArgumentCountAttribute.cs,
Funcs.cs, LogoBinder.cs, LogoContext.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-binder.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/Makefile, test/Makefile: Update sources.
* Mono.Lnaguages.Logo.Runtime/CTSMessageTarget.cs: Update to use
the new custom Binder. Move most of the logic (varargs, etc)
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/IMessageStoreCollection.cs:
(SendMessage): Fix whitespace typo.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/MessageNotSupportedException.cs:
Make the error string something meaningful.
* mlogo/: Added.
* Makefile: Add mlogo to SUBDIRS.
* tests/word.logo: Added.
2002-12-09 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs (ConstructList):
Make this work recursively for sublist elements.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Parser.cs (ParseInfix): Fix the
algorithm to order consecutive operations properly.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-interp.cs: Implement some
basic LOGO functions. Fix print to use type (so lists, etc
get printed properly).
* tests/infix.logo: Test the order of divisions -- 1/2/4 should
become (1/2)/4, not 1/(2/4).
2002-12-08 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Interpreter.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/CTSMessageTarget.cs:
(SendMessage): Fold in varargs arguments. Pass in null for
static methods.
(SupportsMessage): Catch AmbiguousMatchException, consider
it to mean the method exists.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/IMessageStoreCollection.cs:
Implement IMessageTarget.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-interp.cs: Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/Makefile: Build test-interp.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/Makefile: Move "test" subdir building
to a seperate target.
* tests/infix.logo: Add a simple sum test.
2002-12-07 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/Parser.cs:
(Parse): Do infix preprocessing (to convert into prefix).
(ParseBackwards): Handle infixes as prefixes with a set number of
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Compiler/TokenList.cs:
(Extend): Change parameter type to ICollection.
(Reverse): Added.
* Mono.Languages.Logo.Runtime/CTSMessageTarget.cs (ListMessages):
Set max_argc to -1 if the method has a varargs prototype.
* Mono.Languages.Logo/test/test-parser.cs (Funcs): Change print
to be a varargs function.
* tests/infix.logo: Added.
2002-11-28 Rachel Hestilow <>
* Rewrite. Massive changes.