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2002-06-10 Rachel Hestilow <>
* block.cs: Add line length accessor, and a flush method.
* dispatch.cs: Break up LOGO lib funcs into different
* element.cs: Add "eval" method.
* *.cs: Implement Eval in all subclasses.
* logo-list.cs, list-element.cs: Change to new namespace.
Also, remove methods and add generic logo functions
that work on all IEnumerables.
* logo-funcs.cs: Broken up into lib-*.cs.
* lib-*.cs: Added.
* instruction-list.cs: Added; beginning of lambda support.
* optimizer.cs: Added.
* makefile: Move most sources into logolib (since we
have to parse things at runtime too)
* main.cs: Add --compile flag, compile to bytecode and run immediately
by default. This does not work yet. Optimize and write the
.exe file if --compile.
* tokenizer.cs, parser.cs: Add support for question mark parsing
in lambdas.
* console: New interactive console.
2002-05-22 Rachel Hestilow <>
* block.cs: Add manipulator functions for body.
* dispatch.cs: Hack around incomplete attribute support in mono.
Change Delegate to instance method -- mono doesn't seem to like
that either.
* util.cs: Add GetMethod/GetConstructor/etc, move all code to use
* list-element.cs: Get array type in a different way.
* logo-array.cs, logo-funcs.cs, logo-list.cs, logo-sequence.cs:
Change Array to object[].
* main-block.cs: Define a default constructor on our own,
so that we know about it.
* parser.cs, token.cs: New parser added.
* main.cs: Use the new parser.
* makefile: Use mcs by default, remove jay parser, add
new parser.
* tests/gtk.logo: New test.
* method.cs: Check Body != null. Use Ldsfld instead of Ldfld.
* output-element.cs: Add new default constructor, use block
semantics for body.
2002-05-03 Rachel Hestilow <>
* dispatch.cs (Invoke): Only adjust length if method is
instance, not static.
(ProcessWithReturn): Do not overwrite stack; instead modify existing one.
* logo-funcs.cs: Add basic math functions.
* logo-parser.jay: Parse infix and unary operators.
* logo-tokenizer.cs: Return proper tokens for infix and unary operators.
Also, respect ()[] as word boundaries.
* makefile: Add infix-operator.cs.
* statement.cs, varargs-statement.cs: Add protected empty constructors.
* infix-operator.cs, tests/math.logo: Added.
2002-05-01 Rachel Hestilow <>
* dispatch.cs: Rewrite vararg/stack/etc indexing to be more
accurate in all cases. Also, give more priority to overloaded functions
with more arguments (ie Run (void) < Run (Form) ).
* logo-funcs.cs: Add function "New".
* logo-parser.jay: Fix counting on embedded varargs statements.
* logo-stack.cs: Add functions AddAssembly & LookupType.
(ctor): Add default namespaces.
* logo-tokenizer.cs: Support "." as part of an identifier.
* main-block.cs: Load assemblies into root stack.
* main.cs: Add "/r" option for assemblies.
* util.cs: Load assemblies here too.
* varargs-statement: Make argc a property "Count".
* tests/winforms.logo: Added.
* makefile: compile winforms example
2002-04-29 Rachel Hestilow <>
* block.cs: Move stack emission into scope.cs.
* dispatch.cs: Support variable argument collection.
* element.cs: Store some common stack ops/types in protected fields.
* logo-funcs.cs (Use, Sum): New functions.
* logo-parser.jay, logo-tokenizer.cs: Parse varargs expressions and
output statements. Also fix quote parsing problem.
* logo-stack.cs: Store namespaces.
* makefile: Add varargs-statement, output-element, scope. Alphabetize.
* method.cs: Inherit from Scope, not Block. Export return of System.Object
if there is an output statement.
* scope.cs, varargs-statement.cs, output-element.cs: Added.
* statement.cs: Clean up.
* tests/hello.logo: Add test for the quote-breaking problem.
* tests/varargs.logo, tests/output.logo: Added.
2002-03-12 Rachel Hestilow <>
* logo-parser.jay: Remove all the "nointerps" and "unquoted" stuff,
rewrite in favor of a simple LIST_ELEMENT token.
* logo-tokenizer.cs (xToken): If within a list, lazily evaluate anything
other than numeric and list literals.
2002-03-11 Rachel Hestilow <>
* logo-parser.jay: Add function parsing.
* logo-tokenizer.cs (xToken): Check for tokens "TO" and "END".
* logo-stack.cs: Add field/property class_type (used for dynamic
dispatch within a class).
* emit-context.cs: Add "global_stack". (needed because a field
is handled differently than a local).
* main-block.cs (AddFunction): Added.
(Emit): Emit functions, and define a global stack field.
* method.cs: Load arguments into stack's variable dictionary.
* dispatch.cs (Invoke): Check within the stack's class space for methods
as well.
* tests/function.logo: Added. Functions work now!
2002-03-10 Rachel Hestilow <>
* emit-context.cs, method.cs: Added.
* main-block.cs: Derive from Method.
* element.cs (Emit): Change to simply use EmitContext.
* *.cs: Update for EmitContext.
* main.cs: Allow MainBlock to generate most of the module/etc stuff.
* dispatch.cs (CollectArgs): If there are multiple method overloads,
try to attach to the one with the least type distance.
* logo-funcs.cs (Print): Add list overload in preparation for
the big LogoList->System.Array conversion.
2002-03-10 Rachel Hestilow <>
* dispatch.cs (Invoke, Filter): Allow option for lazily binding
(used for a 2-stage dispatch)
(Process): Convert to a 2-stage lazy-strong binding process.
2002-03-09 Rachel Hestilow <>
* logo-stack.cs, logo-uses-stack-attribute.cs: Added.
* element.cs (Emit): Add argument use_stack, instead of just passing
in a null stack.
* dispatch.cs: Rewrite for semi-correct scheduling.
* logo-funcs.cs (Make, Thing): Use the stack.
* docs/*.txt: Added.
2002-03-02 Rachel Hestilow <>
* block.cs: Remove commented-out code.
* variable-reference.cs: Added (equivalent to THING "name).
* logo-parser.jay: Generate a VariableReference for :identifer.
* logo-tokenizer.cs (xToken): Return Token.COLON_REFERENCE for ":".
* makefile (SOURCES): Add variable-reference.cs
* tests/variables.logo: Also check alternative syntax.
2002-03-02 Rachel Hestilow <>
* dispatch.cs: Add alternate Invoke which returns values rather
than pushing them on the stack.
* logo-funcs.cs: Add functions Map and Foreach.
* logo-parser.jay: Adjust list_block to not interpret tokens.
* logo-tokenizer.cs: Return Token.QUOTE on ".
* statement.cs (invoke): Fully qualify method signature to lookup.
2002-03-02 Rachel Hestilow <>
* logo-funcs.cs: Add functions _Dict, Make, and Thing (preliminary
variable support).
* dispatch.cs (Invoke, Filter): Make lookups case-insensitive.
2002-02-26 Rachel Hestilow <>
* element.cs: Make class public.
(return_type): Initialize to null.
(CollectArgs): Remove.
(Emit): Add stack argument.
(PushResult): Added.
* list-element.cs:
* literal-element.cs:
* statement.cs: Update to element changes.
* dispatch.cs: Added, dynamic dispatch utilities.
* block.cs, main-block.cs: Added.
* logo-parser.jay: Add "newline" token. Insert elements in correct
stacking order based on newlines. Make main tree be a MainBlock.
* logo-tokenizer.cs: Check for newline.
* makefile: Reorganize.
* main.cs: Most code moved into block.cs.