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Don't generate GObjects by default, said to be too heavy. Might need to clean
up the generator to make this easier.
Consider moving the suffix underscore into NsToC (ns) to better handle namespaceless assemblies.
Handle nested classes
Generate structs
Make parsing of existing C headers more comprehensive (support enums, structs, classes, mark as byval where necessary)
Better support for return values and ref/out parameters
Support more primitive types
Only install relevant headers, and use the proper subdirectory path for includes
Generate pkg-config files and consider the use of more than one generated assembly binding in a single unmanaged application.
Test with assemblies containing multiple namespaces (eg. SWF).
Make "mono-object" string a global const.
Allow bundling of glib-sharp.dll if using the GObject tie-in feature.
Delegates, events etc.
Complete GObject support including macros and GType, taking into account
inheritance etc.
generate autoconf/automake build files. set AC_VERSION using the assembly's
version attribute
Automatically generate inline API documentation using documentation in the
Monodoc format. The GTK+ API documentation generator can then be used to create
documentation familiar to GTK+ developers.
Resolve GC issues using weak references or storing objects in something like a