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#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/gprintf.h>
#include "demo.h"
int main () {
DemoTest *my_test;
const gchar *mystr;
int num;
gdouble num_dbl;
DemoDrink drink;
//GEnumClass *enum_class;
//run a static method
demo_test_static_method ();
//create an object instance
my_test = demo_test_new ();
//run an instance method
demo_test_increment (my_test);
//run an instance method with arguments
demo_test_add_number (my_test, 2);
//run an instance method with arguments
demo_test_echo (my_test, "hello from c");
//run an instance method with arguments and a return string
mystr = demo_test_make_upper (my_test, "lower to upper");
g_printf ("Lower to upper: %s\n", mystr);
//run a property set accessor
demo_test_set_title (my_test, "set property from c");
//run a property get accessor
mystr = demo_test_get_title (my_test);
g_printf ("Title property: %s\n", mystr);
num = demo_test_get_value (my_test);
g_printf ("The counter's value is %d\n", num);
num_dbl = demo_test_get_double_value (my_test);
g_printf ("The counter's double value is %.16f\n", num_dbl);
drink = demo_test_pick_drink ();
//enum_class = g_type_class_peek (demo_drink_get_type ());
//g_enum_get_value (enum_class, drink);
//g_printf ("%d\n", drink);
//TODO: return value
//g_printf ("returned string: %s\n", demo_test_get_title (my_test));
return 0;