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2003-09-02 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* IceProtocolReader.cs: keep track of whether we've read any
classrefs or not, and if not, don't attempt to read a count
at the end of a message. There is no zero count in the
protocol if no classes are to be sent.
* IceProtocolWriter.cs: same as above; don't write a zero
count if there are no classes.
* IceServerChannel.cs: listen on IPAddress.Any, instead of
the endpoint address; the while endpoint scheme requires
some rework.
* samples/ping.cs, samples/ping-server.cs: rework to make
compatible with the Ice "latency" demo
2003-08-31 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* everything: fixed tabification
* Makefile: fixed build, added samples build
2003-08-29 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* removed old rule from Makefile
* initial import