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(Expanding this README is on the TODO list)
This is an implementation of the Ice protocol, developed by ZeroC,
Inc. (, in C# using the .NET Remoting framework.
It is currently very much in development; however, the following
things should work:
- Ice operations and return values, including out parameters
- All Ice/slice types, including sequences and dictionaries
- Passing objects by reference (i.e. receiving a Proxy)
and by value
- TCP endpoints
There's a much longer list of things that don't work or are not yet
implemented, including:
- UDP or SSL endpoints
- Exception returns from operations
- Handling and differentiation of different operation types (normal,
idempotent, nonmutating)
- Locator support
.. and others. The above listed will be coming; support for extra Ice
features, such as Glacier, Freeze, IcePack, etc. will probably never
happen -- use the C++ runtime if you have need of these features. (Of
course, the C# runtime can certainly interoperate with Glacier or
whatnot, as long as the interface is defined in terms of Ice objects.)
Some samples are in the examples directory; it's a bit of a mess right
-- Vladimir Vukicevic