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- Fix our threading situation. Right now:
* Each server creates a listener thread
* Each endpoint and open server connection has its own receiver thread
* there would be only one listener thread which would listen to all endpoints
* there would be only one receiver thread which would listen on all sockets,
and would then pass over to a worker thread to handle the message. This would
also solve the problem of ReceiverDispatcher needing to do an async delegate
invoke on _requestHandler, because the receiver would not be blocked.
- Fix exceptions; propagate them correctly back to the client from the server.
- Implement IceMarshallingAttribute usage; first step is to implement hard-coded
marshallers and unmarshallers for the Ice protocol structs. Oops. Can't use
an attribute, since we need to pass in delegates, and we can't "new" the delegate
in the constructor. So perhaps hardcode "Ice_Marshal" and "Ice_Unmarshal" in
the class/struct?
- Implement intelligent retries in case of failure, based on OperationMode
- Along with the above, implement failure detection in communication
- Figure out how to serialize classes. Given the following class chain:
A <- B <- C (where C is most-specialized), if A and B are defined in slice,
but C is not, the C++ runtime will only transmit A and B slices by value.
The C# runtime, however, will transmit C; this is potentially quite bad,
since class C might contain values that should not be exported. A potential
solution is to create an attribute with which to flag classes that should be
transmitted, and then have slice2cs put this attribute on all generated
classes. Perhaps some sort of global value in Ice.Manager could control
whether it's used or not.