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2002-03-10 Mark Crichton <>
* ChangeLog: Fixed spelling.
* Added lcc.cs and lcc.dis. lcc.dis is disassembled output from mcs
so I can get a sense of how floats, doubles, and PInvoke work w.r.t.
CIL. Both are in doc/
2002-03-09 Mark Crichton <>
* src/bind.c: Doh. Forgot to add CIL backend to listing.
* etc/linux: Chnaged cpp to cpp0
* README.mono: Changed instructions
2002-03-09 Mark Crichton <>
* Initial import of LCC 4.1 tree into CVS.
* Added cil.c backend stubs by Miguel and incorporated into the
* README.mono added for how to use the compiler (for now)