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namespace Frameworks.AutoheaderCompat {
using default;
using Core;
using Core.Tools;
using Languages.CrappyC;
using !System.IO;
using !System.Text;
target regex matcher "^config.h$" = GenerateConfigH;
# FIXME: There should be a bunch of things that show up by
# default.
rule GenerateConfigH : OutputFileRule {
MBDictionary defs;
build (CHeader res, ctxt) @{
string destname = GetOutputName (ctxt);
if (destname == null)
return true;
res.Dir = ctxt.WorkingDirectory;
res.Name = destname;
return WriteDefs (res, defs, ctxt);
bool WriteDefs (CHeader file, MBDictionary defs, IBuildContext ctxt)
using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter (file.OpenWrite (ctxt))) {
foreach (string k in defs.Keys) {
Result r = defs[k];
if (r is MBString)
sw.WriteLine ("#define {0} {1}", k,
((MBString) r).Value);
else if (r is MBBool && ((MBBool) r).Value)
// the '1' is what config.h has.
sw.WriteLine ("#define {0} 1", k);
else {
ctxt.Logger.Error (2050, "Unexpected dictionary entry for key " + k, defs.ToString ());
return true;
return false;
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