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* Massive internal cleanups. No one will appreciate this because they
never saw the previous messy code, but it's much better. Trust me.
* Added mb-bundlegen, a tool for generation MBuild bundles using
CodeDom. Very very very useful for writing bundle code.
* Added mb-gtkconfig, a simple graphical build configurator. It
generates UIs on the fly, so it's ugly, but it's good enough.
* Wrote API documentation of some of Mono.Build.dll and began the
MBuild Handbook.
* Versioned bundle loading from the GAC. Pure sweetness.
* Support for installing. So so so so clever. Too clever for my own
good. But I don't care.
* Robust error and warning reporting system.
* Reworked ArgCollector to be much more satisfactory.
* Tagging is much more widely used.
* Beginnings of bundle documentation system, with mb-bundledoc and
* I think MBuild is now realistically usable for C# projects.
* Begin Mono.Build.RuleLib, a library of useful functions
for rules (autoconf-y stuff.) So far we have some structure
for invoking other programs: BinaryInfo, ClrInfo, Launcher
class. There are also classes for stream processing a la
grep, sed, etc; not used or very tested yet but they will be
a basis for these common operations. Also a class for finding
tools in the environment (probably needs a lot of fixing).
* Added Tools.Jay bundle
* Moved System.CLR.CSharp to Languages.CSharp
* Moved System.CLR to System.Clr
* Added MakeFile rule in System bundle (not recommended, I'm
not sure of the wisdom of this design.)
* Fleshed out logging infrastructure
* Also began error checking / reporting infrastructure
* Futzed around with ArgCollectors: can set default values for
arguments now. Still not satisfactory though.
* Fixed it so that changed ConstantTargets show up (because their
rule fingerprint is now the static result's fingerprint. Deviously
clever if I do say so myself.)
* First stab at tagging targets
* Added --below, --debug-logs, --all arguments.
* Added '+foo' syntax to build targets matching tag 'foo'.
* Add 'load FILE inside BASIS' syntax in Buildfiles
* A few optimizations.
* Initial public release. Spotty functionality.