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MBuild - A Mono-based build tool
MBuild is a build tool. It performs the same sorts of tasks as GNU
make, GNU autoconf, and GNU automake. Unlike these tools, however,
MBuild has been designed from the start to integrate the work of
these tools in one cohesive design and takes advantage of the
features of the .Net framework to be portable and easy to develop
MBuild requires Mono 1.0.1 or newer. Building and viewing the
documentation requires the Monodoc system, which should come with
any good distribution of Mono itself. MBuild will eventually work
correctly on Windows, but at the moment any success in using it
will be entirely lucky.
To build and install MBuild, start with the usual 'configure' followed
by 'make'. (New features in MBuild are often used when building
itself, so even if you have a previous version of MBuild installed,
this step is necessary.) If you have a copy of MBuild from the
developer repository, you should start by running ''. But
if you have downloaded a release, the steps look like:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install
Next, manually build and install the documentation:
$ cd api-docs
$ make
$ su
# make install
(Once you have installed MBuild this way and familiarized yourself
with how it works, it's recommended that you build and install MBuild
with an installed copy of itself whenever possible. Makefiles will
always be maintained to allow for bootstrapping, but they are not
guaranteed to build and install everything included in the MBuild
For a general introduction to how MBuild works, you'll want to read
the Monodoc documentation. See the "Introducing MBuild" section of the
"MBuild Handbook", under the "Various" section in the tree. The
documentation is still incomplete, but it should provide a small
introduction into how MBuild works. Beyond that, the best examples of
how to use MBuild right now are the MBuild sources and Buildfiles
For a messy list of tasks remaining, see TODO.
For a list of the major changes in each release, see NEWS.
In general, I still consider MBuild an informal piece of software.
That means:
* Not much real documentation
* Not much real testing
* Still pretty slow
But it's coming along pretty well.
MBuild is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.
It was written by Peter Williams <>.