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2003-03-11 Miguel de Icaza <>
* IconList.cs: Use realize/unrealize to allocate the GCs instead
of doing this on every expose.
2003-02-27 Miguel de Icaza <>
* IconList.cs (ExposeHandler, DisposeGCs): Dispose the GCs, do not
wait for garbage collector.
2003-02-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* EogImageView.cs: added Zoom property.
* MphotoToplevel.cs: Support zoom in the Preview tab. Don't call
* added switch_page signal handler.
2003-02-06 Miguel de Icaza <>
* DirImageCollection.cs: Make the DirImageCollection the main
object used by the directory provider. Remove duplicated code
Add support for storing metadata on a per-directory basis.
* DirImageRepository.cs: Add support for the searchable keywords
2002-12-14 Miguel de Icaza <>
* IconListPopup.cs: Add back my Copy Image Location feature; Do
not show menu entries in the popup that do nothing.
2002-11-24 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* DbProvider.cs: recognize type of 'text' as a string.
2002-11-11 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* MphotoToplevel.cs: add code for selection copy/paste support
* IconListPopup.cs, IconList.cs: split popup code out of
icon list
* IconList.cs: fixed selection crash
* CollectionIconListAdapter.cs, SimpleSearchIconListAdapter.cs:
add Repo property
* DbImageCollection.cs: only add images if they're not already in
2002-10-25 Miguel de Icaza <>
* MphotoToplevel.cs: Avoid crashing if there are no collections.
* DirImageRepository.cs: Only create DirImageCollections for
Do not enter non-directories into the collection. Coding style
changed ;-)
2002-10-20 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* MphotoToplevel.cs, finally start using
custom widgets with glade. This will probably crash
with most everyone else's version of gtk#; hopefully
that will be fixed soon.
* IconList.cs: fix multiple selection crash
* KeywordsWidget.cs, KeywordsTreeView.cs: handle displaying
keywords in case of a multiple selection, as well as setting
keywords on multiple images. No way to delete keywords yet.
* DbImageRepository.cs: shut up some of the debug spam
2002-10-18 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* KeywordsWidget.cs, KeywordsTreeView.cs: I am a moron
* makefile: updated for new keywords widget
* KeywordsWidget.cs, KeywordsTreeView.cs: new keywords widget
* IImageRepository.cs: new ImageChanged event type
* MphotoToplevel.cs: removed old keyword junk, new widget creation
* CollectionsTreeStore.cs: minor fixes
* DbImageRepository.cs: emit RepoChanged event when keywords are
* use new keywords widget
* IconList.cs: fix the annoying out-of-bounds crash
2002-10-16 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* ImageItem.cs: duh, referesh thumbail when told to do so
* DbProvider.cs: catch errors in in VerifyDatabase, and just
attempt to initialize db
2002-10-13 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* mphoto-sqlite.sql: version number bumped to
support keywords; forgot in last commit.
* main.cs: use ~/.mphoto/mphoto.db for database
location; also change dbspec to SqliteClient
* ImageInfoTreeStore.cs, ImageInfoTreeView.cs,
CollectionsTreeStore.cs, CollectionsTreeViwe.cs:
New widget wrappers
* MphotoToplevel.cs: Removed both tree view creations
into their own separate objects. Glade custom widgets
still break us, so add some niceness to put widgets
in the frames they belong in.
* makefile: misc changes and file renames
* some widget rearranging
* DbImageCollection.cs, DbImageRepository.cs:
Add a new "All Images" collection, currently set to
special id "0" (which is unused by sqlite when assigning
keys) Need to fix bug so that this collection refreshes
when images are imported anywhere (and to allow importing
into the collection)
* DbProvider.cs: Use Mono.Data.SqliteClient
2002-10-10 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* new features:
- keyword tagging/searching, in Db repo only
* ISearchableRepository.cs, SimpleSearchIconListAdapter.cs: new
files to support keyword searching and viewing of search results
* DbImageRepository.cs, DbProvider.cs, MphotoToplevel.cs, Stuff to support new ISearchableRepository interface
as well as UI bits for setting/searching keywords
2002-10-10 U-RIVER\Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* GtkMphoto.cs: Gtk-only driver for testing
* IconList.cs: make delegate public (not enforced my mcs)
* DbImageRepository.cs, DirImageRepository.cs: some csc build
fixes, also removed unix-isms, and use a generic DirSep char for
dir separators
* EogImageView.cs: null != IntPtr.Zero
* Util.cs: removed unixisms (mkdir, etc)
* makefile: win32-ification
* libexif-wrapper.cs: NO_EXIF define to kill exif if we want
2002-10-09 Miguel de Icaza <>
* IconList.cs: Add wheel support.
2002-10-09 Duncan Mak <>
* MphotoToplevel.cs:
* Hook up the DeleteEvent.
2002-10-08 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* DirImageRepository.cs, DbImageRepository: add
NO_MULTITHREAD ifdefs to disable multithreaded thumbnailing.
* Thumbnailer.cs: catch exif exceptions, also change
* makefile: add commented out CSFLAGS for above
* makefile, invalid.png: add new png
* Thumbnailer.cs: typo
* IIconListAdapter.cs, CollectionIconListAdapter.cs:
Add DeleteItem method
* DbImageRepository.cs, DbImageCollection.cs, DbProvider.cs:
Use generic System.Data interfaces for everywhere except
initial connection creation
* DirImageRepository.cs: implement new semantics of passing
the saved pixbuf down through the thumbnail callback
* IconList.cs: add Remove Item to right-click menu
* Thumbnailer.cs: correct code flow if exif thumbnails get
2002-10-08 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* New features:
- sidebar stays on screen whether you're in preview or browse
- browser (icon view) is zoomable
- tree columns are resizable (should really a bug fix)
- thumbnailing should be faster, as the pixbuf generated is
saved and passed down to the image item (so no round-trip
to/from disk for creating new thumbnails)
- selection is now a nice blue color
* IIconListAdapter.cs, IconList.cs, CollectionIconListAdapter.cs:
changed icon list name from "TheIconList" to "IconList"
* IconList.cs: added Zoom property and associted functions
* Thumbnailer.cs: disabled exif thumbnails for stability (segfault
and memory corruption in libexif if the exif data was corrupted --
that's ok, the thumbnails sucked anyway). Passing back the
thumbnailed pixbuf for speed, avoiding loading newly-written
thumbnail from disk.
* ImageItem.cs, DbImageRepository.cs: correct handling
of thumbnail pixbuf from thumbnailer
* MphotoToplevel.cs: new handlers for zoom functions; file
still needs cleanup
* ImageInfoStore.cs: catch exception due to bad exif data
2002-10-05 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* mphoto-sqlite.sql: stripped comments due to libgda bug
* Thumbnailer.cs: use GdkPixbuf for thumbnailing instead of
forking to convert.
* ImageItem.cs: ref loading.png correctly (and load from
assembly, not from dir!)
* most everything: indentation and naming
* Thumbnailer.cs, DbImageRepository.cs, DirImageRepository.cs: do
exif extraction in thumbnailer thread, as it can be slow
* EogUiImage.cs: changed/removed some function names to match
what's in the .so, not what's in the .h
* IconList.cs: removed EnsureStyle() call (not necessary)
* MphotoToplevel.cs: if eog is used, switch to preview pane
on double-click and make image fit-to-window. eog keyboard
commands work within the preview area (once focus is given
to it when clicked)
* some items renamed
2002-10-04 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* MphotoToplevel.cs: HAVE_EOG -> HAVE_LIBEOG typo
* EogImageView.cs, EogUiImage.cs: wrappers for eog widgets
* CollectionIconListAdapter.cs: Added some functions for figuring
out which imageid is at an index (used for preview)
* DbImageRepository.cs, DirImageRepository.cs: extract thumbnail
from exif if present instead of generating
* IconList.cs: first pass at double-click handling, including a C#
Activated event (not exported through the glib layer). Also first
pass at shift-range selecting, which sort-of kind-of works but has
* MphotoToplevel.cs: added support for EOG preview pane. See
* README: note regarding Default theme
* Thumbnailer.cs: fixed some constructor protection levels
* DirectoryImageImporter.cs: same.. thanks to Duncan for
pointing these out :)
2002-10-03 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* CollectionIconListAdapter.cs, DbImageCollection.cs, DbImageRepository.cs,
DbProvider.cs, DirImageCollection.cs, DirImageRepository.cs,
DirectoryImageImporter.cs, IIconListAdapter.cs, IImageCollection.cs,
IImageImporter.cs, IImageRepository.cs, IconList.cs, ImageInfo.cs,
ImageInfoStore.cs, ImageInfoStoreTwo.cs, ImageItem.cs, Metadata.cs,
MphotoToplevel.cs, Thumbnailer.cs, Util.cs,,
New framework and other changes. See README for more information --
more docs forthcoming.
2002-09-17 Miguel de Icaza <>
* IconList.cs (IconList): Fix code compilation
Use LoadFromResouce to load images to load our internal images.
* makefile: embed loading.png
2002-09-03 Miguel de Icaza <>
* DirectoryProvider.cs: Public method to abort threads.
New strategy: use thumbnail from exif if available, if not, queue
on a thread the image loading.
* TopLevel.cs: make file exit work.
* IconList.cs: Support images of different sizes non matching our size.
2002-09-03 Ravi Pratap <>
* lifbexif-wrapper.cs : Cosmetic changes
2002-08-30 Miguel de Icaza <>
* libexif-wrapper.cs: Redid.
* IconList.cs: More fixes.
* ImageInfo.cs: Import exif data into the status window.
* IconList.cs: Reimplemented selection handling.