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* IImageImporter.cs
* Author(s): Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* Copyright (C) 2002 Vladimir Vukicevic
using Gdk;
using System;
public delegate void CollectionChangeHandler (IImageCollection coll, EventArgs unused);
public interface IImageCollection {
IImageRepository Repo { get; }
int Count { get; }
string Name { get; set; }
string Description { get; set; }
string ID { get; }
// returns an array of image ids that are contained in this repo
// these are repo-wide
string[] ImageIDs { get; }
// returns an item corresponding to the appropriate imageid in this
// collection
ImageItem this[string index] { get; }
// if many images are going to be added/deleted, updates should be
// frozen before this hapepns -- this way, the collection change
// event won't be fired until the final thaw
void FreezeUpdates ();
void ThawUpdates ();
// add or delete items to/from this collection
// the item must reside in the same repository as this item (i.e.
// it must have been dded before using the repository's addimage
// inteface)
void AddItem (ImageItem image);
void AddItem (string imageid);
void DeleteItem (ImageItem image);
void DeleteItem (string imageid);
event CollectionChangeHandler OnCollectionChange;
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