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* IImageRepository.cs
* Author(s): Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* Copyright (C) 2002 Vladimir Vukicevic
using System;
public delegate void RepositoryChangeHandler (IImageRepository repo, RepositoryChangeEventArgs args);
public class RepositoryChangeEventArgs {
public enum RepositoryChangeType {
public RepositoryChangeType ChangeType;
public string WhichID;
public RepositoryChangeEventArgs (RepositoryChangeType rt, string which)
ChangeType = rt;
WhichID = which;
public interface IImageRepository {
// functions dealing with the whole set of images in this repo
int CountImages ();
string[] GetImageIDs ();
ImageItem GetImage (string imageid);
// adding an image will return the same imageitem back,
// but will fill in its repo field. Adding an imageitem
// that already has a repo set is an error, and an
// exception can be raised. there is no current way to
// copy images between repos.
ImageItem AddImage (ImageItem item);
void DeleteImage (ImageItem item);
void DeleteImage (string imageid);
// functions dealing with collections of images present in this repo
int CountCollections ();
string[] GetCollectionIDs ();
IImageCollection GetCollection (string collid);
IImageCollection CreateCollection ();
void DeleteCollection (IImageCollection theColl);
void DeleteCollection (string collid);
// thumbnail generation
// deletehumbnails flushes all the thumbnails for this repository
// and forces them to be regenerated. this can be quite expensive,
// but useful if some thumbnails are out of sync.
void DeleteThumbnails ();
// gets thumbnail information for the image (such as a thumbnail
// file). if the structure were appropriately extended,
// embedded exif thumbnails could be returned as well.
ImageItem.ThumbnailInfo GetThumbnailForImage (ImageItem item);
// event fired whenever a change in the repository happens
// (i.e. image added/removed or collection added/removed)
event RepositoryChangeHandler OnRepositoryChange;