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* ISearchableRepository.cs
* Author(s): Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* Copyright (C) 2002 Vladimir Vukicevic
using System.Collections;
public interface ISearchableRepository
string[] Keywords { get; }
bool IsKeyword (string keyword);
void AddKeyword (string keyword);
string[] FindImagesByKeyword (string[] keywords);
// I really want to do this on the ImageItem, but it
// has no idea of what it is in the database, etc.
// maybe ImageItem should be a virtual class that is
// overridden, so you can do keywords and stuff directly
// to the image?
void AddImageKeyword (string imageid, string keyword);
void RemoveImageKeyword (string imageid, string keyword);
string[] GetImageKeywords (string imageid);
void SetImageKeywords (string imageid, string[] keywords);