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Sat Oct 5 02:08:30 PDT 2002
When thumbnailing lots of images at once with the Db repository, an
exception may occur similar to:
Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The requested feature is not yet implemented
in <0x0002b> 00 System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand:Dispose (bool)
I'm not sure how/when Dispose is getting called here; a quick fix is
to simply comment out the throw in
System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand:Dispose :)
Fri Oct 4 17:57:31 PDT 2002
Due to a weird bug in gtk-sharp, you must be using the Default gnome2
theme to avoid crashes -- run gnome-theme-properties and select
Default. This will hopefully be fixed asap.
An eog preview pane is available, but it's sort of a hack atm. You
need libeog (eog/libeog) compiled as a shared library, and
somewhere in your library path. This will be packaged later on.
Then, build with /define HAVE_LIBEOG
Wed Oct 3 16:55:59 PDT 2002
Two different repository modes: database-based and directory-based.
Directory based mode is read-only; you can't import new images or
create/delete collections. Database mode is full-featured, but does
require sqlite (or another appropriate db). To use a
directory-based repository, specify a list of directories on the
command line, i.e.:
./mphoto.exe /path/to/dir1 /path/to/dir2 /path/to/dir3
Each directory will show up as a separate collection. If you use the
db backend, don't specify any arguments, and mphoto will create the
sqlite database to use (you still have to set up the libgda/config
file -- see below). Then you can use Create Collection/Import
Directory to create collections and import dirs.
----- old readme contents, ignore, included for archiving -----
Wed Oct 2 04:07:59 PDT 2002
Some quick start instructions on setting up a database for use with mphoto.
The datababse name is currently hardcoded to be "mphoto" (main.cs).
This means your ~/.libgda/config should look something like:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/mphoto">
<entry name="DSN" type="string" value="URI=/home/vladimir/mphoto.db"/>
<entry name="Description" type="string" value="Mphoto"/>
<entry name="Provider" type="string" value="SQLite"/>
or at least have the releavnt <section> entry. Change the URI bit in
the DSN to be wherever you want the database file to live.
Then, create the tables in the database -- this should/will be done from
mphoto itself sometime soon:
% sqlite /path/to/my/mphoto.db
SQLite version 2.4.0
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> .read mphoto-sqlite.sql -- included in source
[some spam here]
sqlite> .exit
Fire up mphoto.
% mono mphoto.exe
Select File -> New Collection. Nothing will happen, but some SQL will
scroll by in the window. Congratulations, you now have a collection.
Don't select New Collection again because there is currentlly no way
to pick which collection you're looking at.
Select File -> Import Directory and type in/select a directory name to
add images.
It'll churn for a bit (this import needs to happen in a separate
thread). Then you'll see the thumbnailer kick off and your images
will show up.
It will probably segfault when you Quit. Just ignore this. :)
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