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* Bugs
If you specify file names on the command line it crashes.
It probably should add all the "spare" files to an extra collection.
We should not keep references to images that are off-screen
* Features
Push images to the web.
Add metadata/keywords to the DirectoryProvider.
* Web Export
Upload files with SSH/Script
Generate PHP/Gallery
* Icon List.
Right context menu.
Captioning support.
Export to Album
Export to Web.
* Tool
Import images.
* Metadata
Load, Save
* Build
Ship EOG and libexif embedded in this module.
Wrap EOG to render the preview
Implement progressive rendering with EOG + Progressive Pixbufs
* DirectoryImporter
- use a thread for importing
- use exif query for width/height instead of calling identify
* DbProvider
- add lock and command/reader wrapper to make sure that
multiple threads aren't accessing the db at once
* EogPreview
- add a widget for EOG preview
* Toplevel
- needs major cleanup and splitting into separate ui classes
- needs to handle drag-and-drop for importing images and/or directories
* Architecture
The repository performs too much work, a lot of it should be moved
into the collection, there is no real need to have keyword operations
or image operations on the repository, they should be part of the