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<script language="C#" runat="server">
void EnterBtn_Click(Object Src, EventArgs E) {
Message.Text = "Hi " + Name.Text + ", welcome to ASP.NET!";
<h3><font face="Verdana">Handling Control Action Events</font></h3>
This sample demonstrates how to access a &lt;asp:textbox&gt; server control within the "Click"
event of a &lt;asp:button&gt;, and use its content to modify the text of a &lt;asp:label&gt;.
<form action="controls3.aspx" runat=server>
<font face="Verdana">
Please enter your name: <asp:textbox id="Name" runat=server/>
<asp:button text="Enter" Onclick="EnterBtn_Click" runat=server/>
<asp:label id="Message" runat=server/>