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2008-02-26 Daniel Morgan <>
* use gmcs instead of
mcs to build because sqlsharpgtk needs the
NET_2_0 prfile.
* README: add comment about using gmcs
2007-01-01 Daniel Morgan <>
* aclocal.m4
* browser/
* browser/
* sqlsharpgtk/
* sqlsharpgtk/ add files
for autotools support
* Makefile
* browser/Makefile
* browser/AssemblyInfo.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile
* sqlsharpgtk/AssemblyInfo.cs: deleted files
to support autotools
* INSTALL.TXT --> INSTALL: renamed files
to support autotools
* TODO.TXT --> TODO: renamed file
* sqlsharpgtk/EditorTab.cs: support multiple result
grids in one execution
* MultiResultsGrid.cs: added new widget
for handling multiple results as multiple grids
* DataGridColumn.cs: put DataGridColumn
from DataGrid.cs into its own file.
and add support for formatting of dates
and right-justification of numeric
data types
* DataGrid.cs: add support for formatting
of dates and justification of numeric
data types
* sqlsharpgtk.cs: changes to support one execution
can have multiple results and show all these results
via a new widget that can show multiple grids,
do not load all meta data at once in connection tree view - load them on-demand,
and allow meta data to be refreshed, and fix Tooltips to work
* app settings file should
explicitly use the fully qualified assembly name of Mono.Data
* DbProvider.cs
* DbProviderCollection.cs: delete obsolete files
2005-12-26 Daniel Morgan <>
* browser/MetaProcedureArgument.cs
* browser/MetaProcedureArgumentCollection.cs: add new files
for listing parameters of a stored procedure
2005-12-26 Daniel Morgan <>
* browser/MetaProcedureCollection.cs: add method
GetProcedures to return an array of MetaProcedure
for a given procedure name to support Oracle stored
packages which can contain overloaded procedures
and functions
* browser/MetaProcedure.cs: modified:
- list stored procedure arguments
- provide a way to list procedures and functions in
an Oracle package via collection Procedures,
a way needed needed to indicate if this
instance of MetaProcedure contained Procedures
via property HasProcedures
* browser/PostgreSqlMetaData.cs:
- support PostgreSQL 8.0
- list views and stored procedures
- fix run-time error getting list of tables
* browser/OracleMetaData.cs: support
listing of parameters
for stored produres and functions
and the functions and procedures
in a package, support listing of packages
and listing the functions
and procedures in each package
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs:
- support MySQL 5.0
- list views and stored procedures (only available in MySQL 5.0)
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: support multiple selection mode
and add some convience methods and properties
* sqlsharpgtk/AboutDialog.cs: bump up version to 0.4
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: modified
- modify Copy for the results DataGrid pop up menu
to be able to paste into a spreadsheet
using tab separated values. Comma Separated Values pastes
in a spreadsheet as one big cell.
- implement Select All and UnSelect All
for the results DataGrid. However, getting right-clicking
to work right with multiple rows selected is a TODO
- set the results DataGrid to support selecting of multiple rows
- list parameters (arguments) for each procedure and function
- list packages for Oracle, and the functions and procedures in a package,
and the parameters for each function and procedure
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: flush
* sqlsharpgtk/DataSourceConnection.cs: dispose properly
* TODO.TXT: update TODO status
* Makefile: allow to run sqlsharpgtk
2005-08-14 Daniel Morgan <>
* browser/SybaseMetaData.cs: bug fixes
* sqlsharpgtk/ add
an example connection string to connect to
Sybase ASE database
2005-07-29 Daniel Morgan <>
* Makefile: use a slash instead of backslash
as directory separator
2005-06-26 Daniel Morgan <>
Port SQL# For GTK# to Mono 1.1.7 and GTK# 1.9.3 and gtk+ 2.6
* sqlsharpgtk/FileSelectionDialog.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/ConnectionString.cs
* browser/Makefile
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs
* browser/PostgreSqlMetaData.cs
* browser/MetaTable.cs: get rid of compiler warnings
* browser/SqlMetaData.cs
* browser/SybaseMetaData.cs: SQL Server and Sybase should use
xusertype instead of xtype when getting meta data about table columns
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs: port to GTK# 1.9.3 and get rid of warnings
- use ComboBox instead of OptionMenu
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: port to GTK# 1.9.3 and get rid of warnings
- use ComboBox instead of Combo
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: port to GTK# 1.9.3
* EditorTab.cs
* QueryMode.cs
* BatchExecuteMode.cs
* ExecuteOutputType.cs
* OutputResults.cs: added new files by moving items from sqlsharpgtk.cs
* ComboHelper.cs: new file for helping getting/setting text for ComboBox
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: add new files to build, start using
the gtk-sharp-2.0.pc which is required for gtk# 1.9.3 and up, get
rid of compile warnings
* INSTALL.TXT: update text files with latest info
2005-04-26 Daniel Morgan <>
* browser/MetaView.cs
* browser/MetaViewCollection.cs: add files for
meta data for views
* browser/MetaProcedure.cs
* browser/MetaProcedureCollection.cs: meta data
for stored procedures
* browser/SqliteMetaData.cs: meta data for Sqlite
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: when logging error
messages to console
2005-04-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* browser/SqlMetaData.cs: add meta data for Views and Stored Procedures and
the source so a user can view or edit a stored procedure, sort tables
* browser/PostgreSqlMetaData.cs: sort table, add stubs for views and procedures and source
* browser/SchemaBrowser.cs: add support for providers
for Mono.Data.SqliteClient and MySQL.Data, handle cases where a schema provider does not implement
a function, add support for Views, Stored Procedures, and Source of the Stored Procedures
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs: add stubs
* browser/OracleMetaData.cs: sort tables, add support for views, stored procedures,
and source of stored procedures, add support to show errors when a stored procedures
has compile errors
* browser/FirebirdMetaData.cs: add support for views and stored procedures
* browser/SybaseMetaData.cs: sort tables, add support for stored procedures and views
* browser/IMetaData.cs: add support for views, stored procedures, and source of
stored procedure
* browser/Makefile: add new .cs files to build for views and procedures, and add
Sqlite meta data provider
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: flush
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs: if a setting is selected, make the setting name show up on
the tree view and combo box for connections
* sqlsharpgtk/ add example connection strings for SQL Lite v2.x or v3.x
* sqlsharpgtk/AboutDialog.cs: add copyright
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: app name is "Mono SQL# For GTK#", add Copy pop up menu item
for the data grid which copies a row to the clipboard as comma separated values, show list
of views and stored procedures in meta data tree view, add new menu item to pop up menu
to allow viewing/editing of a stored procedure, added shortcut for F7 key to execute SQL
AS-IS, if a setting was selected in the Login Dialog - show it in the tree view and combo as
a connection name
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs: clean up
* TODO.TXT: update TODO file
2005-01-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* ChangeLog: fix the my email address
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: flush
* sqlsharpgtk/AboutDialog.cs: bump up version to 0.0.2
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: fixes to get it
to build on Mono 1.1.3 too
* browser/Makefile
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: db browser
has new name Mono.Data.SqlSharp.DatabaseBrowser.dll
so it can build and run on Mono 1.1.3
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs: flush
* browser/MetaTableCollection.cs
* browser/IMetaData.cs
* browser/MetaTableColumnCollection.cs
* browser/FirebirdMetaData.cs
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs
* browser/OracleMetaData.cs
* browser/PostgreSqlMetaData.cs
* browser/SchemaBrowser.cs
* browser/SqlMetaData.cs
* browser/MetaTable.cs
* browser/MetaTableColumn.cs: renamed namespace so sqlsharpgtk
can build on Mono 1.1.3 too
* browser/SybaseMetaData.cs: added file for Sybase SQL support
2004-12-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: when selecting the Query menu item in
the left pane Tree View, automatically set the data source combo so
it will execute the sql against the correct database
2004-12-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: fix right-clicking on
data grid causes crash
2004-12-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/DataTree.cs: add Clear method
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: implemented handling
multiple connections, added SQL# command "CONNECT setting"
for connecting to a data source to be used in scripts
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: added new files to build
* sqlsharpgtk/DataSourceConnectionCollection.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/DataSourceConnection.cs: added new files
* TODO.TXT: updated TODO
2004-12-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/ConnectionString.cs: right-trim a semicolon on the
connection string
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs: fix the display of the connection
string parameters in the app settings grid
* sqlsharpgtk/ add a sample connection
string for a SQL Lite database
* sqlsharpgtk/FileSelectionDialog.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/DataTree.cs: flush
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: each SQL Editor notebook tab will
have its own results notebook pane (grid or log), added
toolbar buttons for file new, open, save, and close
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs: after loading a file
into the text buffer, set the cursor position to the beginning
* TODO.TXT: update TODO
* INSTALL.TXT: add requirement for Mono.Data.dll
2004-11-29 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/ConnectionString.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs: enhancements to the Login screen
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: replace option menu with
combo for the connected data source, added Help About
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: added AboutDialog to build
* TODO.TXT: added TODO file
* README.TXT: updated
* sqlsharpgtk/AboutDialog.cs: added About dialog
2004-11-23 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: do pending events
so the status bar can be updated to reflect
its getting meta data
* browser/Makefile
* browser/SchemaBrowser.cs: added meta data
support for FirebirdSql
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs
* browser/OracleMetaData.cs: flush
2004-11-21 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: output text view
should always scroll to end of buffer, and do not
execute empty queries (ignore them)
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs
* qlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs: flush
2004-11-21 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: enhancements to allow adding
new rows and columns instead of via DataLoad or DataBind
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs:
update the LoginDialog to parse the Mono.Data app settings
into a new grid to allow a user to connect via this,
updated namespaces to one namespace
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile: add ConnectionString.cs to build
* sqlsharpgtk/DataTree.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlSharpDataAdapter.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/FileSelectionDialog.cs: updated namespaces
to one namespace
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: allow right-clicking
the output results grid to pop-up a menu,
updated namespaces to one namespace
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.exe.config
* sqlsharpgtk/ replace
sqlsharpgtk.exe.config with
* sqlsharpgtk/ConnectionString.cs: new class for
parsing connection string
2004-11-21 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs: add menu item to clear log,
unselect text when appending text to log, update status
when records retrieved
* browser/SchemaBrowser.cs
* browser/PostgreSqlMetaData.cs (new file)
* browser/MySqlMetaData.cs (new file)
* browser/Makefile: added support for PostgreSQL and MySQL
2004-11-21 Daniel Morgan <>
* sqlsharpgtk/DataGrid.cs: do not load the DataGrid
if there is no results.
* sqlsharpgtk/sqlsharpgtk.cs
* sqlsharpgtk/SqlEditorSharp.cs:
- set status bar messages.
- execute command - allow execution of one command at the cursor
(execute command). each SQL command separated by a semicolon.
- execute script - allow execution of multiple commands one at a
time starting at the cursor. if error occurs, stop executing.
point the cursor at the last successful or errored command.
each SQL command separated by a semicolon.
- bug - if provider does have meta data, do not fail loading
the treeview
- simply namespaces
* sqlsharpgtk/LoginDialog.cs
* browser/MetaTable.cs
* browser/MetaTableColumn.cs
* browser/SqlMetaData.cs
* browser/SchemaBrowser.cs
* browser/OracleMetaData.cs
* browser/MetaTableColumnCollection.cs
* browser/IMetaData.cs
* browser/MetaTableCollection.cs: new
namespace SqlSharp.DatabaseBrowser
* sqlsharpgtk/Makefile
* browser/Makefile: new DLL name SqlSharp.DatabaseBrowser.dll
2004-11-20 Daniel Morgan <>
in .:
* Makefile: added build file
* browser: new subdirectory
in sqlsharpgtk:
* DataGrid.cs: set the font family
in the grid to courier
* sqlsharpgtk.cs: use DatabaseBrowser to populate tables
and columns in a left paned TreeView, the TreeView can
be right-clicked to show a popup menu. One menu items
allows you to query data from a table, use Mono.Data.ProviderFactory
and config file sqlsharpgtk.exe.config to load providers,
created work-around for bug in gtk text view search where the last
character in the buffer is the text being searched
* sqlsharpgtk.exe.config: added xml file for app settings based
on the app.settings file from Mono.Data
* LoginDialog.cs: load providers from xml file
sqlsharpgtk.exe.config using Mono.Data.ProviderFactory
* Makefile: include DataTree.cs and refence assembly Mono.Data
* DataTree: container for a scrollable TreeView/TreeStore
in browser:
* SchemaBrowser.cs
* IMetaData.cs
* SqlMetaData.cs
* OracleMetaData.cs
* MetaTableCollection.cs
* MetaTable.cs
* MetaTableColumnCollection.cs
* MetaTableColumn.cs
* Makefile.cs: new DatabaseBrowser.dll
2004-01-11 Daniel Morgan <>
* ChangeLog: add file ChangeLog to root
* INSTALL.TXT: add file for installation instructions
for SQL# For GTK#
* README.TXT: add README file for general info and
user instructions