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INSTALL.TXT for SQL Query for Mono and GTK# (sqlsharpgtk)
To Build sqlsharpgtk.exe
cd sqlsharpgtk
To Run sqlsharpgtk.exe
mono sqlsharpgtk.exe
The following are minimum requirements for sqlsharpgtk:
- GTK# 1.9.3 or higher
- Mono 1.1.7 or higher
- gtk+ 2.4 or higher
Additional Assemblies:
- System.Data.dll
- Mono.Data.dll - used for the ProviderFactory
Mono and GTK# can be downloaded from
See README.TXT for more info.
Provider Factory:
Either create a config file or
add information to your machine.config
SQL# For GTK# uses the Provider Factory to load the assemblies of the providers.
In order to do this, it needs the provider to be listed
in sqlsharpgtk.exe.config or your machine.config file.
If you prefer to use your own config file,
copy to sqlsharpgtk.exe.config
Works on Windows and Linux.
It works great on Linux.
For Windows 2000/XP users, get the Combined Mono 1.1.x and GTK# 1.9.x Windows Installer
from Mono's download page.
I have heard it works on Mac OS X as well.