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TODO for Mono SQL Query for GTK#
- add SQL# commands for disconnecting.
Helpful for scripting.
- every connection needs to have at least one other connection for the schema browser
if four connections share the same provider and connection string, then there only
needs to have one extra connection for the schema browser
Meta Data Tree View (Left Pane)
- only load the child nodes if you expand the node and it has not been
expanded before
- implement refresh
- add meta data for:
- tables (done)
- table columns (done except for sqlite)
- views (oracle, sybase, and sql server done)
- stored procedures (oracle, sybase, and sql server done)
- Oracle - packages and package bodies (done)
- list the functions and procedures in a package (done)
- show invalid database objects in different color
- Firebird - TODO - does Firebird have stored procedures?
- PostgreSQL - TODO
- MySQL 5.0 - TODO - one of the new features in MySQL 5.0 is stored prcedures
- parameters for stored procedures
- Oracle - (done)
- triggers
- indexes - unque/duplicate, primary keys, foreign keys
- constraints
- users
- sessions (dynamic info)
- tablespaces
- handle database objects used by a particular DBMS, such as, sequences for Oracle
- in the future, replace the database browser with chrish01's Mono.Data.Sql
Stored Procedures, Functions, and other stored procedural objects
with meta data added to list all stored procedures, then do these:
- for a stored procedure screen, all execute functions are execute as-is.
- for oracle:
- allow (all or individual) invalid objects to be re-compiled
- if saving a stored procedure, and there are errors, show errors in grid. If
user double-clicks on a row in the grid, go to that line and position
SQL Execution Engine
- refactor the SQL execution code into its own assembly. Use threads and events
to handle this
Clipboard (Cut/Copy/Paste)
- add Edit menu with clipboard cut/copy/paste functionality for the
SQL editor
Options Dialg
- create an options dialog for user preferences
- add the ability for SQL# to set and get variables. Useful for scripting.
- add support for parameters when executing SQL statements via variables
- create a new dialog for accepting missing parameters when executing SQL
Find / Replace
- create a Find / Replace dialog
Project Files
- change the source code files from default style to mono style
- refactor the majority of source code in sqlsharpgtk.cs, move this into other classes, such as,
the output for csv files vs. normal output can be generalized into output classes. and refactor
the non-GUI code from the GUI code
Data Grid
- Make the DataGrid a first-class Data Grid like the one found in System.Windows.Forms or
System.Web.UI.WebControls, such as, allow the grid to be editable - when a value changes in
the grid - update the data source. Add the approviate events for this.
See what vlad and duncan did for managed tree model stuff
- test the following providers, and if they work, add them to the config file
- MySql.Data. Test versions of MySQL 4.x and 5.x