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Vladimir Vukicevic - Tao.GlPostProcess
Vladimir Vukicevic and Randy Ridge - Tao.OpenGl
Vladimir Vukicevic and Randy Ridge - Tao.OpenGl.Glu
Vladimir Vukicevic and Randy Ridge - Tao.OpenGl.ExtensionLoader
David Hudson - Tao.Sdl
Randy Ridge - Tao.FreeGlut
Randy Ridge - Tao.Platform.Windows
Randy Ridge - Tao.PostProcess
Randy Ridge and David Hudson - Tao.OpenAl
Randy Ridge - Tao.Glfw
Rob Loach - Tao.PhysFs
Randy Ridge, 'cody' and Terry Triplett - Tao.Ode
C.J. Collier - Autotools Distribution:
Chris McGuirk and David Hudson - Tao.Cg
Chris McGuirk and Randy Ridge - Tao.DevIl