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Wahid - A Spreadsheet engine
This is spreadsheet engine, initially without a GUI.
Ideally a number of user interfaces can be built on top of the
spreadsheet engine:
* Silverlight (like Google's spreadsheets)
* gui.cs (the most powerful and awesome RIA in the world)
* command-line, to compute, and convert data.
* Gnome (worth doing?)
Am drawing inspiration form the OOXML specification on how to
structure the internals of this engine, but the idea is to
have multiple importers and expoters.
Currently the code does not even unzip archives, it expects a
directory called "test" to contain an unzipped OOXML file (I
used the gnumeric test files for this).
The Zip support is split from the loader as in Silverlight we
would want to use the Downloader class to unzip the files for
us, while on the desktop we can use SharpZipLib.
Models and Views
The engine will communicate with the views through events that
the views connect to.
In addition to the usual support for views for multiple
spreadsheets, this will be useful to have views and
controllers that can be connected on the backend to a server.
This would allow multiple users to edit the spreadsheet