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Managed Drivers for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Current Status of MySQL driver
The driver is currently under heavy development.
The driver is in beta form with most features working reasonably well.

** Please note that the binaries distributed in the package are either
compiled with Mono or .NET 1.1. **

Current status of the PostgreSQL driver
The PostgreSQL driver is just starting and not really usable yet. 
It can perform simple reads with a limited set of data types.
Watch the project over the next few weeks to see much 

First of all, many thanks to the MySQL folks for creating such a great database.

Next, I have to give a big thanks and kudos to Mark Matthews for his Java-based MySQL driver.
As the protocol to MySQL is very poorly documented, his driver proved to be invaluable.

Also, I have to give thanks for Jun Su for starting the SourceForge project and for his wonderful
contribution of code and ideas.

The following people have also contributed and their additions have been greatly appreciated.
Timothy Parez
Peter Belbin
Daniel Guisinger
Steve M. Brown
Clint Kennedy
Matthew J. Peddlesden
Daniel Morgan
Rory Plaire
Marco Poponi
Mark Reay

....just to name a few.  Many people have contributed either through code, testing, or bug reports.  If I have left
your name off, it is not intentional and I apologize.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and continues
to contribute to this project.

I have started putting the names of people who post bugs, patches, suggestions, or anything else of value to the changelog.
If you have posted and don't see your name, I apologize.  Please let me know who you are and I'll include you.
The most important thing here is to understand that this is not a one man show.  So many people have provided input
along the way.

Reggie Burnett
ByteFX, Inc.