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janet currently does *NOT* compile with MCS yet.

This is the janet CVS module for mono.

The idea we have is to turn janet into a dynamic compiler that could 
be used to implement the VSA and JScript interfaces exposed by .NET.  

For now development will take place in a seperate module (away from the mcs class libraries).
The intention is to eventually fold this back into the mcs module (at mcs/class/).

As a result the following directory structure is being used:

janet/ (module - this directory)

janet/janet/ (Assembly topdir)
janet/janet/janet/ (janet itself)
janet/janet/Test/ (tests)

janet/Microsoft.JScript/ (Assembly topdir)
janet/Microsoft.JScript/Microsoft.JScript/ (bridge/compatility classes)
janet/Microsoft.JScript/Test (tests)

janet/mjs/ (Mono JScript Compiler topdir)
janet/mjs/Test (tests)

Note that all subdirs contain own ChangeLog files (and not in this directory),
in order to not lose information when migrating this to the mcs module.

Documentation links:
* JScript.NET