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Olive is an incubation module used to host new Mono code under development based on Microsoft's APIs. Olive code eventually graduates and is moved into the Mono distribution.
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This module contains libraries that are under a different schedule than the
rest of Mono.

To build:

	./configure [--prefix=/yourprefix] [--with-moonlight=yes|no]


To install:

	make prefix=yourprefix

It defaults to the Mono installation prefix

* Silverlight Assemblies

	By default, --with-moonlight is enabled, which means that the 2.1
	assemblies for Moonlight will be build. You can de-activate that
	by configuring olive --with-moonlight=no.

	Since Moonlight exposes both a 2.1 profile and a profile that
	can be used on our desktop applications you will find two sets
	of .pc files to use with pkgconfig.

		This one references the 2.1 APIs, and this is what
	 	the smcs compiler should use.

		These one is for use with the desktop and Gtk# applications.

		The only difference between silver.pc and silver

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