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Added cpp-specific typemap.

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  2. +71 −0 Source/Bind/Specifications/
1 Source/Bind/Generator.Bind.csproj
@@ -189,6 +189,7 @@
<None Include="..\..\OpenTK.snk">
+ <None Include="Specifications\" />
<None Include="Specifications\" />
<None Include="Specifications\GL2\" />
<None Include="Specifications\Glx\glx.spec">
71 Source/Bind/Specifications/
@@ -0,0 +1,71 @@
+# Normal types.
+GLsizei, GLsizei
+GLsizeiptr, GLsizeiptr
+GLintptr, GLintptr
+# GLenum, GLenum
+GLboolean, bool # Boolean # Int32
+GLbitfield, GLbitfield
+# GLvoid*, IntPtr
+# GLvoid, Void #Object
+GLchar, GLchar
+GLbyte, GLbyte
+GLubyte, GLubyte
+GLshort, GLshort
+GLushort, GLushort
+GLint, GLint
+GLuint, GLuint
+GLfloat, GLfloat
+GLclampf, GLclampf
+GLdouble, GLdouble
+GLclampd, GLclampd
+GLstring, GLstring
+PixelInternalFormat, PixelInternalFormat
+# ARB and NV types.
+GLsizeiptrARB, GLsizeiptrARB
+GLintptrARB, GLintptrARB
+GLhandleARB, GLhandleARB
+GLhalfARB, GLhalfARB
+GLhalfNV, GLhalfNV
+GLcharARB, GLcharARB
+# 64 bit types (introduced in 2.1)
+GLint64EXT, GLint64EXT
+GLuint64EXT, GLuint64EXT
+GLint64, GLint64
+GLuint64, GLuint64
+# ARB_sync (introduced in 3.2)
+sync, GLsync
+GLsync, GLsync
+# OpenGL|ES types.
+GLclampx, GLclampx
+GLfixed, GLfixed
+GLeglImageOES, GLeglImageOES
+cl_addressing_mode, AddressingMode
+cl_command_queue_info, CommandQueueInfo
+cl_command_queue_properties, CommandQueueProperties
+cl_context_info, ContextInfo
+cl_context_properties, IntPtr # ContextProperties
+cl_device_info, DeviceInfo
+cl_device_type, DeviceType
+cl_event_info, EventInfo
+cl_filter_mode, FilterMode
+cl_image_format, ImageFormat
+cl_image_info, ImageInfo
+cl_kernel_group_info, KernelGroupInfo
+cl_kernel_info, KernelInfo
+cl_kernel_work_group_info, KernelWorkGroupInfo
+cl_map_flags, MapFlags
+cl_mem_info, MemInfo
+cl_mem_flags, MemFlags
+cl_mem_object_type, MemObjectType
+cl_platform_info, PlatformInfo
+cl_profiling_info, ProfilingInfo
+cl_program_build_info, ProgramBuildInfo
+cl_program_info, ProgramInfo
+cl_sampler_info, SamplerInfo
+cl_work_group_info, WorkGroupInfo

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