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[ios] Remove p/invoke to glGetQueryObjectivEXT

This is not a valid symbol (since iOS6) and was removed from the header
files (so it should not be part of our binaries)

This is related (but not identical) to the previous fix for XAMCORE_3_0,
where it would fail linking for bitcode.

reference (xtro):
!unknown-pinvoke! glGetQueryObjectivEXT bound
1 parent e585990 commit 042c8ab805af759a544354a971154b63452669c7 @spouliot spouliot committed Nov 24, 2016
Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 Source/OpenTK/Graphics/ES20.iPhone/ES.Obsolete.cs
@@ -4233,15 +4233,15 @@ unsafe void GetQueryObject(UInt32 id, OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.All pname, [OutAttrib
#endif // !XAMCORE_3_0
-#if !XAMCORE_3_0
internal static partial class Core
- [Obsolete]
- [System.Security.SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity()]
- [System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport(GL.Library, EntryPoint = "glGetQueryObjectivEXT", ExactSpelling = true)]
- internal extern static unsafe void GetQueryObjectivEXT(UInt32 id, OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.All pname, [OutAttribute] Int32* @params);
- }
+#if !XAMCORE_3_0
+ internal static unsafe void GetQueryObjectivEXT(UInt32 id, OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.All pname, [OutAttribute] Int32* @params)
+ {
+ throw new NotSupportedException ("Removed in iOS6");
+ }
#endif // !XAMCORE_3_0
+ }

4 comments on commit 042c8ab

Hi @spouliot
I got this issue when submit app to AppStore & can not fix it.
I try to rebuild opentk project & replace new opentk.dll but got error when build by project :(
Can you detailed about the way to solve this issue or I need to wait new update from xamarin?


I'll look at backporting this fix in the next cycle (C9) and service release.

The easiest immediate solution would be to download a recent build from master [1] and copy the OpenTK assembly that ships with it (to use with your own project).



@angelit1507 wrong branch, download the latest package from our xcode8.2 branch (from the same link as earlier)

thank for your response.
I will try replace opentk assembly from xcode8.2 branch. I hope C9 will release asap :D

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