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Tools to manage Mono's releases (scripts, web pages, build files)
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ajorg various uncommitted build scripts
announce This is now on the Wiki
buildbot make sure permissions are ok
defs fix sed path
garmono 2008-11-14 Everaldo Canuto <>
jailbuilder Add diffutils to rhel4 jail config
kiwi add priority stuff for sound
macosx Add ikdasm to packaging scripts.
maemo * devkit/glib/Makefile: Install all glib files since most of then is
masterinfos * Changed line-endings to LF. Set eol-style to
moma Add
mono_1_0 2004-06-16 Sebastien Pouliot <>
mono_2_0 2004-08-13 Umadevi S <>
monobuild move ppc64 to sle-11
obs/bin Small change in BUILD_ROOT variable definition
packaging Add ikdasm to packaging scripts.
pyutils Make sure preserve_symlinks is honored for zip files as well (fixes b…
resources mono 4
rpmvercmp Fixes/updates for new packaging infrastructure
scripts daily builds page fixes
silverpages Fix
solaris Build scripts and 2.10 patch (enables sgen, works around old X server)
sunos 1. Rip out def_alias. Lots of ugly code for little gain.
test-ext/xslt-standalone Update dotnet reference results. The old version missed expected exce…
utils Add some scripts that were laying around... mostly hacks.
vmware_image * add more packages so that
website Update Ubuntu icon to match current Canonical design guidelines.
windows-installer Add msbuild only script
wrench Add a Jenkins version of the .monolite target
.gitignore Ignore wix cruft
active.txt Added the active users from the Google Doc + release
contributors.txt github name
mono-MDK-windows mono 4
mono-MDK-windows-x64 64-bit Windows generation (needs fix for MSI building, which assumes …
mono-runtime-minimal Simple script to run the build. Output in resources/bin/
release_process.README mono:
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