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using export -q rather than co takes off 1.5 minutes from the mono ta…

…rball process -- thats out of 6 minutes before, a huge gain. We win because there is no shadow copy from svn

svn path=/trunk/release/; revision=43519
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1 parent e42fbc7 commit d3b62c2e0543d666a76f181f1afb18f157d75c59 Ben Maurer committed Apr 24, 2005
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@@ -16,15 +16,15 @@ case $package in
# we need to check out both mono and mcs in this case. The svn path we
# get is just below where the modules live.
- svn co svn+ssh://$svn_path/mono
- svn co svn+ssh://$svn_path/mcs
+ svn export -q svn+ssh://$svn_path/mono
+ svn export -q svn+ssh://$svn_path/mcs
* )
- svn co svn+ssh://$svn_path
+ svn export -q svn+ssh://$svn_path
BUILD_DIR=$(basename $svn_path)

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