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GARMONO Build System

 GARMONO is a build utility that allows users to build Mono from sources, it 
 downloads, builds and installs Mono packages from the latest tarball releases
 or SVN. GARMONO is based on the GAR ports system developed by Nick Moffitt. 

 Table of Contents:

	1. Using GARMONO
	2. Directory Layout
	3. Maintainers Guidelines

1. Using GARMONO

	You must go to GARMONO root directory and type:

	> make [task or package]
	For a complete list of available tasks you can type "make help" or just
	check sub-directories available inside "tasks" folder, for a list of 
	available packages just type "make packages".

	You could be also interested on build individual packages going to its
	folder and using one of available targets, for this	

	> cd mono/libgdiplus
	> make fetch

	Tthe GAR(MONO) system provides seven basic targets for each package:

	* fetch - this target downloads all files and patches needed to compile the
	package. Typically this is a single tarball, accompanied by the occasional
	patch file. 

	* checksum - uses md5sum to ensure that the downloaded files match those
	with which the package maintainer worked. 

	* extract -	makes sure that all of the necessary source files are available
	in a working directory. In some cases (such as when downloading a single C 
	source file), this will simply copy files over. 

	* patch - if the package has to be patched (either via third-party patches
	or package maintainer patches), this target will perform that step. 

	* configure - configures the package as specified in the Makefile. It will
	typically run the package's underlying configuration system (such as 
	autoconf or Imake). 

	* build - performs the actual step of compilation. 

	* install -	puts files in the proper locations and performs any necessary
	mop-up work.

2. Directory Layout


		Technical documents about the GAR and GARMONO system. Mos



3. Maintainers Guidelines

	The [GAR backport] tag:

	In ChangeLog file theres some entries tagger by "[GAR backport]", it is used
	to tag the entries that could be backported to original GAR system. The 
	ideal is to send it in form of patches to Nick Moffitt, the author of GAR.

	TODO: Some lines about GARMONO!

	For more information about GAR system you can go to docs/ directory and 
	check the documents about GAR structure, GAR tips, an article about GAR
	usage and a template file for new packages.