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About this source repository

This is a partial import of for mono.

Since is massive and we only need partial source tree of it (and due to some checkout failure on Linux [*1]), we set up another repository for mono submodule.

This tree is hence manually imported. Though it is somewhat easy to maintain: we try to "cherry-pick" [*2] changes that are applied only to Rx.NET in the Mostly we would not need to copy sources from the original tree manually, but sometimes we will do so when a checkout involves other directories than Rx/NET.

(Actually we had to sort of revamp the cherry-pick model when there was folder structural change in the Microsoft repository. But the structure is simpler than before and we will likely need less manual imports.)

For every original release, we should import the updates and commit to this master, then create a branch for each release and then apply our local changes (which is minimum but required) to the branch.

[*1] [*2] not really meaning git cherry-pick which won't apply, but rather applying diffs to the tree.

Source changes

As of OSS release 1.0, there are only two steps are required to make it possible to build with mono in the source repo:

  • apply mono.patch
  • cd Rx/NET/Source/Tests.System.Reactive and run "csharp ../../../../"

Actually ObservableExTest.cs cannot be compiled due to insufficient type inference for lambdas, so I skipped it in Mono.Reactive.Testing_test.dll.

Note that the actual class library build is done in mono/mcs/class and there is a build script that generates required source list etc.