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Application UI:
- Figure out how to organize the various windows
- L10n/I18n
- Show translated property names/descriptions
- Make sure other UI stuff is translated
- Make Grid and other custom widgets right-to-left-able
UI-Designing UI:
- Fix up not-fully-functional wrappers:
- Dialog
- action_area is currently broken on glade import
- Notebook has a few problems:
- should the child properties appear as properties of
the page or the tab? or both? or should they have
different properties?
- Switch with Prev/Next isn't implemented
- Widget.Visible: glade treats this as a shadow property.
Should we?
- ... ?
- Add wrappers for things that aren't wrapped yet
- Layout/Fixed
- Menubar, finish Toolbar (UIManager, Gtk.Action, etc)
- Gnome widgets (the not-yet-deprecated ones anyway)
- This might be just GnomeDruid in 2.6?
- Not in a separate "Gnome widgets" group.
- Though we need some way to do Windows/
cross-platform UIs (ie, gtk-only)
- Also need to be able to target different
Gtk# versions
- Non-widgets:
- TreeModel
- SizeGroup
- EntryCompletion
- Stock items
- AspectFrame, CellView, HandleBox, HRuler, IconView,
InputDialog, VRuler
- (Glade does all these)
- pop-up menus
- Make widgets more HIGalicious
- Dialog layout
- More auto-layout functionality
- Containers should try to automatically set Padding/Spacing
and BorderWidth
- Fix up Box autoexpand, add it to Table.
- If you drag a non-expandable widget into a Bin, it could add
a table
- "Custom widgets" ?
- It's better to be able to load the custom widget into stetic
and add it directly.
- But glade-style custom widgets could be nice for UI mockups,
when you don't actually have any code for the widget, if you
had certain functionality:
- display a user-specified image rather than the stock
"custom widget" background
- better control of sizing behavior
Misc functionality:
- Load/Save
- Get GtkBuilder format finalized...
- File format should be stable against small changes so that
if multiple developers are working on the same stetic files,
they don't cause cvs/svn conflicts for each other. (IOW,
don't just write things out in hash-table order.)
- Undo
- Use the cut+paste code. Just serialize before/after state.
- Code generation / MonoDevelop integration
- Loading additional widget types
- Be able to specify images as resources rather than files
- Wiring things together
- X is sensitive if Y is checked
- X's Foo property contains the value of GConf key Y
- Connect X's Foo method to Y's Bar signal
- Signals (this is different from MD...)
- Accelerators
- Templates (build something and then save it in a way that you or
other people can have it as a pre-built thing in your Palette)
- Comments (stickynotes that appear in stetic, but not in the
runtime UI).
- A11y
- Stetic-itself a11y
- A11y of the designed UI
- Alternate UI views. Change theme (especially to a11y themes) and
language independently of the designer's theme/language, to test
the designed UI's behavior.