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Commits on Jun 19, 2008
  1. @mkestner

    2008-06-19 Mike Kestner <>

    mkestner authored
    	* detect cecil and substitute the dll path.
    	* libsteticui/ build using installed dll.
    	* libsteticui/lib/Mono.Cecil.dll: remove
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=106226
Commits on Feb 8, 2007
  1. @slluis

    * libsteticui/libsteticui.mdp, libsteticui/ Fixed

    slluis authored
    * Added missing modules.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=72481
  2. @slluis

    * libsteticui/, libstetic/, stetic/

    slluis authored
      Distcheck fixes.
    * libstetic/GeneratorContext.cs: Don't generate gettext for empty
    * Add missing package.
    * stetic/stetic.mdp, libsteticui/libsteticui.mdp,
      libstetic/libstetic.mdp, stetic.mds: Added MonoDevelop projects.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=72467
Commits on Feb 1, 2007
  1. @slluis

    * More dependency removal.

    slluis authored
    2007-02-01  Lluis Sanchez Gual <> 
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=72092
Commits on Jan 17, 2007
  1. @slluis

    * libsteticui/ApplicationBackend.cs: Fixed some warnings.

    slluis authored
    * libsteticui/WidgetDesignerBackend.cs,
      libsteticui/WidgetEditSession.cs, libstetic/IDesignArea.cs,
      libstetic/editor/ActionToolItem.cs: Provide information about the
      drag hot point when firing the drag event. Allow enabling/disabling
      drag support.
    * libsteticui/ProjectBackend.cs: Fix cast exception when changing
      signals in actions.
    * libsteticui/Clipboard.cs, libstetic/wrapper/Button.cs,
      libstetic/wrapper/Frame.cs, libstetic/wrapper/ButtonBox.cs: User
      the new ReplaceChild overload.
    * libsteticui/WidgetDesigner.cs: Improve error message when the
      designet can't be loaded.
    * libsteticui/,, stetic/ Build
      libstetic with mcs instead of gmcs, since that assembly may need to
      be linked with widget libraries based on .net 1.1.
    * libstetic/wrapper/pixmaps/fixed.png: New bitmap for Gtk.Fixed.
    * libstetic/wrapper/Container.cs: Added protected methods for notifying
      the add/remove child event, since some containers don't fire them.
      Added ReplaceChild overload which will explicitely destroy the
      replaced widget. Don't allow dragging top level widgets.
    * libstetic/wrapper/Fixed.cs, libstetic/ Implemented
      support for Gtk.Fixed.
    * libstetic/wrapper/Window.cs: Don't generate code for the Type
      property, since it's read-only.
    * libstetic/wrapper/objects.xml: Implemented support for Gtk.Fixed.
      Hide the Type property, since code for that property can't be
      generated (it must be provided by the user in the window
    * libstetic/DND.cs: Added properties for getting the hot drag point
      when dragging a widget.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=71221
Commits on Dec 17, 2006
  1. @slluis

    * libsteticui/ProjectBackend.cs, libsteticui/WidgetEditSession.cs,

    slluis authored
      libsteticui/WidgetDesigner.cs, libsteticui/Project.cs: Added new
      Changed event.
    * libsteticui/PaletteBackend.cs, libsteticui/UndoQueue.cs,
      libstetic/undo/ActionDiffAdaptor.cs, libstetic/wrapper/Action.cs,
      libstetic/wrapper/Container.cs, libstetic/wrapper/Widget.cs,
      libstetic/wrapper/ActionGroup.cs, libstetic/wrapper/MenuBar.cs,
      libstetic/editor/ActionMenuBar.cs, libstetic/editor/ActionMenu.cs,
      libstetic/editor/ActionToolbar.cs: Improved support for Undo.
    * libstetic/undo/UndoManager.cs: Removed debug code.
    * libstetic/undo/XmlDiffAdaptor.cs: Fix support for name and id
      properties when diffing.
    * libstetic/wrapper/objects.xml: HasFocus property doesn't need to be
      available at design time.
    * libstetic/wrapper/ActionToolbarWrapper.cs: Implemented support for
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=69599
Commits on Feb 24, 2006
  1. @slluis

    2006-02-24 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* libsteticui/Glade.cs: Use the new api for reading/writing.
    	* libsteticui/Palette.cs: Update the palette when the
    	  registry changes.
    	* libsteticui/ProjectView.cs: Update the project tree when
    	  the project has been reloaded (due for example to a
    	  registry change).
    	* libsteticui/ Updated.
    	* libsteticui/Project.cs: Make it aware of changes in the
    	  registry. When the registry changes, reload the project.
    	  Added Read/Write and Load/Save methods, based on the
    	  native format. Added ProjectReloaded event, which is fired
    	  after the project has been reloaded due to a registry change.
    	  Other minor changes.
    	* libsteticui/SignalsEditor.cs: Refresh when the project is
    	  reloaded. Addded SignalActivated, which is fired when double-
    	  clicking an event.
    	* libsteticui/ContextMenu.cs: Get class descriptors from wrappers,
    	  instead of looking up in the registry. Track some other api
    	* libsteticui/PropertyGrid.cs: Refresh when the project is
    	  reloaded. Track some api changes.
    	* libstetic/ParamSpec.cs: Commented out some methods and
    	  properties which depend on P/Invoke calls.
    	* libstetic/ItemGroup.cs: Delegate item creation to the
    	  owner class.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Button.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Container.cs: Replaced glade export/import 
    	  methods by Read/Write methods. Implemented code generation.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Widget.cs: Select the widget when it gets
    	  the focus. Changed InternalChildId by InternalChildProperty,
    	  which has more useful information. Made Visible a wrapper
    	  property for all widgets. Replaced glade export/import 
    	  methods by Read/Write methods. Implemented code generation.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Window.cs: Implemented code generation.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/ComboBox.cs: Removed unneeded override.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/objects.xml: Added some init-properties
    	  and wrapper attributes. 
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Table.cs: Fixed bug when setting column
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Dialog.cs: Track api changes. Don't throw
    	  the buttons changed event while reading from xml.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/RadioMenuItem.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/ImageMenuItem.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Notebook.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/MenuItem.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/ButtonBox.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Box.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Expander.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/CheckButton.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/ToolButton.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Frame.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/RadioButton.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/OptionMenu.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/ResponseId.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Enumeration.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/GroupPicker.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Flags.cs:
    	* libstetic/ItemDescriptor.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/RadioToolButton.cs: Track api changes.
    	* libstetic/SignalDescriptor.cs: Moved all code that depends
    	  on Type and Reflection to TypedSignalDescriptor. Added
    	  ParameterDescriptor, which replaces ParameterInfo.
    	* libstetic/CommandDescriptor.cs: Made several changes to avoid
    	  ClassDescriptor.WrapperType, which has been removed. Instead
    	  of getting the method to call from the wrapped type, it gets
    	  it from the type of the object when the command is invoked.
    	* libstetic/editor/Char.cs: Fix worng type check.
    	* libstetic/editor/Accelerator.cs: Removed glue P/Invokes.
    	* libstetic/Placeholder.cs: Looks loke GdkWindow.SetBackPixmap
    	  doesn't work very well. Draw filled rectangle instead.
    	* libstetic/HandleWindow.cs:  If the window is embedded in a
    	  preview box, use the gdk window of that box, which has more room
    	  for drawing the handles.
    	* libstetic/PropertyDescriptor.cs: Moved all code that depends
    	  on Type and Reflection to TypedPropertyDescriptor. 
    	  Added StringToValue and ValueToString methods for parsing and
    	  converting values to string.
    	* libstetic/GladeUtils.cs: Track api changes. Removed dependencies
    	  to some ParamSpec properties that have been removed. The most
    	  complex one to remove is the type of the glade property. Now it
    	  is taken from the type of the corresponding class property.
    	* libstetic/EnumDescriptor.cs: Use the registry to lookup the type
    	  of the enum. The registry will look in all available libraries.
    	* libstetic/ClassDescriptor.cs: Moved all code that depends
    	  on Type and Reflection to TypedClassDescriptor.
    	* libstetic/ Updated.
    	* libstetic/ObjectWrapper.cs: Replaced glade export/import 
    	  methods by Read/Write methods with support for native format.
    	  Added ClassDescriptor property. There is no need to lookup
    	  for classes in the registry since it can be accessed most of
    	  the time from wrappers.
    	* libstetic/Registry.cs: Added support for external widget
    	* ErrorWidget.cs:
    	* EmbedWindow.cs:
    	* Shadow.cs:
    	* TypedClassDescriptor.cs:
    	* TypedPropertyDescriptor.cs:
    	* TypedSignalDescriptor.cs:
    	* WidgetLibrary.cs:
    	* Metacity/*:
    	* wrapper/Entry.cs:
    	* WidgetUtils.cs:
    	* GeneratorContext.cs:
    	* PreviewBox.cs:
    	* AssemblyWidgetLibrary.cs:
    	* WidgetLibrary.cs: New files.
    	* Removed glue directory from the build.
    	* stetic/Stetic.cs: Added support for code generation from
    	the command line.
    	* stetic/ Added debug option.
    	* stetic/ Updated.
    	* stetic/Glade.cs: Moved to libsteticui.
    	* stetic/UIManager.cs: Added Load and Save commands.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=57239
Commits on Feb 9, 2006
  1. @slluis

    2006-02-09 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* Add a reference to the new libsteticui dll.
    	*, Add libsteticui dir.
    	* stetic/WidgetFactory.cs:
    	* stetic/Grid.cs:
    	* stetic/missing.png:
    	* stetic/PropertyGrid.cs:
    	* stetic/PropertyEditor.cs:
    	* stetic/Palette.cs:
    	* stetic/Clipboard.cs:
    	* stetic/ProjectView.cs:
    	* stetic/
    	* stetic/Project.cs:
    	* stetic/SignalsEditor.cs:
    	* stetic/ContextMenu.cs:
    	Moved files to libsteticui.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=56712
Commits on Feb 8, 2006
  1. @slluis

    2006-02-07 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* libstetic/ItemGroup.cs: Converted to class. Added support for
    	Signal items.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Container.cs: Added properties for storing
    	the width and height of the container (at design time).
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Widget.cs: Added support for signals. 
    	Added some new events: NameChanged, WidgetChanged, SignalAdded,
    	SignalRemoved, SignalChanged.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Window.cs: Don't show the window when it's
    	selected. That's something that the hosting application has to
    	decide. The selection change event in Project can be used for this.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/objects.xml: Added signals.
    	* libstetic/editor/ResponseId.cs: 
    	* libstetic/editor/Translatable.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Char.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Color.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/ThemedIcon.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Boolean.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Image.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/FloatRange.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Text.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Accelerator.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Enumeration.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/GroupPicker.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/OptIntRange.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/Flags.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/StringArray.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/String.cs:
    	* libstetic/editor/IntRange.cs:
    	  Implement the new IPropertyEditor interface.
    	* libstetic/HandleWindow.cs: Use a wider focus rectangle.
    	Get the correct top level window when it's embedded in another window.
    	* libstetic/GladeUtils.cs: Added helper methods for exporting and
    	importing widgets. Read/Write signal information.
    	* libstetic/ClassDescriptor.cs: Added support for signals.
    	* stetic/
    	* libstetic/ Updated.
    	* libstetic/Registry.cs: Added some helper methods for locating
    	* Set version to 0.1.0. Added .pc file.
    	* stetic/WidgetFactory.cs: Don't show the window when it's
    	created. The hosting app can do it by subscribing the 
    	Project.WidgetAdded event.
    	* stetic/Glade.cs: Top level widgets don't need to be windows,
    	they can be containers.
    	* stetic/PropertyGrid.cs: Some big changes. This widget is not a Grid
    	anymore, but a VBox of grids. There is a grid for every ItemGroup, and
    	they are reused for all widgets that share the same ItemGroup. The
    	property grid is now much faster.
    	* stetic/Stetic.cs: Added the signals editor. Handle some events
    	previously handled in the widget code, but which I moved here to
    	make the code more generic.
    	* libstetic/IPropertyEditor.cs: New interface to be implemented
    	by all property editors.
    	* stetic/PropertyEditor.cs: Replaced all code that relied on reflection
    	to create and initialize property editors. All this is now done through
    	the new IPropertyEditor interface. Now it is also possible to reuse
    	the same PropertyEditor for different objects that share the same
    	* stetic/Palette.cs:
    	* stetic/ProjectView.cs: Added support for changing the project to
    	which those widgets are bound.
    	* stetic/ Added the signals editor.
    	* stetic/Project.cs: Added several events which are needed to
    	integrate Stetic in an IDE.
    	* Added.
    	* libstetic/SignalDescriptor.cs: New descriptor for signals.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/WidgetEventHandler.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/WidgetNameChangedHandler.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/SignalEventHandler.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/SignalChangedEventHandler.cs
    	* libstetic/wrapper/SignalCollection.cs:
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Signal.cs: New class. Holds information
    	about signal handlers bound to a widgets.
    	* libstetic/ItemGroupCollection.cs: New collection class.
    	* stetic/SignalsEditor.cs: The new signals editor.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=56684
Commits on Sep 16, 2005
  1. * bump gtk-sharp dependency back up to 2.3.91. There

    Dan Winship authored
    	are too many post-1.9.5 fixes we need.
    	* libstetic/DND.cs: 
    	* libstetic/HandleWindow.cs: 
    	* libstetic/editor/Accelerator.cs: 
    	* libstetic/editor/Translatable.cs: Revert 1.9.5 reversions
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=50169
Commits on Sep 14, 2005
  1. * drop gtk# dependency down to 1.9.5

    Dan Winship authored
    	* libstetic/ (libstetic_dll_sources): remove
    	editor/ThemedIcon.cs and wrapper/AboutDialog.cs
    	* libstetic/DND.cs: 
    	* libstetic/HandleWindow.cs: use gtk# 1.9.5-compatible
    	Gdk.WindowAttr fields
    	* libstetic/ItemGroup.cs (ItemGroup): deal with comment nodes in
    	* libstetic/editor/GroupPicker.cs: comment out use of
    	* libstetic/editor/Translatable.cs (ButtonPressed): use gtk#
    	1.9.5-compatible Gtk.Menu.Popup call.
    	* libstetic/wrapper/objects.xml: comment out all 2.6 widgets and
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Image.cs: comment out "themed icon" support
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Button.cs: comment out "themed icon" buttons
    	and the use of Button.Image
    	* stetic/UIManager.cs: Comment out Gtk.AboutDialog usage, use
    	Gnome.About instead.
    	* stetic/Clipboard.cs: Comment out support for plaintext cut+paste.
    	* stetic/Stetic.cs: Comment out Gtk.AboutDialog-related stuff.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=50049
Commits on May 4, 2005
  1. * require gtk-sharp 2.5

    Dan Winship authored
    	* libstetic/editor/GroupPicker.cs: use ComboBox.RowSeparatorFunc
    	to add a separator to the menu
    	* libstetic/wrapper/Toolbar.cs (Tooltips): Remove; this is a real
    	property in gtk 2.6
    	* libstetic/wrapper/ToggleToolButton.cs (Active): Likewise
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=44044
Commits on Apr 26, 2005
  1. * glue/ (pkglib_LTLIBRARIES): install

    Dan Winship authored
    	* libstetic/ (pkglib_DATA): install libstetic.dll and
    	(libstetic.dll): update to non-warned-about mcs option syntax
    	* libstetic/libstetic.dll.config: remove unused mapping
    	* libstetic/wrapper/pixmaps/ remove unused Makefile
    	* stetic/ (pkglib_DATA, bin_DATA): install stetic and
    	(stetic.exe): update to non-warned-about mcs option syntax
    	(run, trace, mdb, gdb): targets to run the uninstalled stetic.exe
    	* stetic/ redo this for installation
    	* stetic/stetic.exe.config: remove this; stetic.exe doesn't
    	DllImport anything of its own
    	* remove unused GACUTIL checks
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=43599
Commits on Feb 9, 2005
  1. * Major reorg again... Now instead of having the widget wrappers

    Dan Winship authored
    	be subclasses of the types they wrap, they are a parallel set of
    	classes. This lets them share code between each other more easily
    	than before. Touches nearly every file. Also, update to use
    	GLib.Object.AddNotification rather than our own notify hack.
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=40351
Commits on Jan 20, 2005
  1. move more stuff around. this is a broken intermediate check-in. subve…

    Dan Winship authored
    won't let me check in the completely working version, so I'm trying in
    smaller pieces
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=39276
Commits on Dec 8, 2004
  1. initial commit

    Dan Winship authored
    svn path=/trunk/stetic/; revision=37430
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