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Number of elements in Names and ArgbValues must be the same. Otherwise an IndexOutOfRangeException will be thrown either in ArgbByName or NameByArgb.


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This module contains an implementation of the System.Drawing API using Apple's CoreGraphics engine. With the exception of a couple of APIs to integrate into the native platform, the API is identical to what developers are used to.

This works with both iOS and OSX, using Xamarin.Mac Unified and Xamarin.iOS Unified.

You will need a checkout of Mono as a peer module to this module.

Open the solution and build


The solution references code from mono and corefx, and expects Mono with submodules to be checked out as a peer directory to this directory.

The Shared project contains most of the code that is used by both MacOS and iOS, and also references the mono and corefx code.

The MacShared project contains the Mac specific bits, and is later consume by the Mac target, but in the future all three variations of mac projects that we support (.NET Desktop, Modern)


System.Drawing implementation using CoreGraphics.




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