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System.Drawing implementation using CoreGraphics.
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Samples Add tests for Drawstring without layout rectangle with StringFormat o…
System.Drawing.Imaging Add support for Gamma. Fix compilation error for MT. Made the code a …
System.Drawing.Printing Update copyrights
System.Drawing.Text Update copyrights
System.Drawing Fix an initialisation error which causes a problem with StringFormat.…
Tests Implement DrawImage methods part 1.
Utilities Initial PathGradientBrush implementation.
sample Some steps to integrate Mono's System.Drawing bitmap test suite
sysdrawing-coregraphics-Mac Refactor Font to use partial classes for the native implementation of…
.gitignore Modified .gitignore again so we can add Samples directory
Makefile Add Makefile to compile System.Drawing.dll for monotouch and monomac.… Update
sysdrawing-coregraphics.csproj Refactor Font to use partial classes for the native implementation of…
sysdrawing-coregraphics.sln Add DrawString Test

This module contains an implementation of the System.Drawing API using Apple's CoreGraphics engine. With the exception of a couple of APIs to integrate into the native platform, the API is identical to what developers are used to.

This works with both iOS and OSX.

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