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-This repository contains the source code to build a System.Drawing.dll assembly built on top of the managed bindings (MonoTouch and MonoMac) for Apple's CoreGraphic.
+This module contains an implementation of the System.Drawing API using
+Apple's CoreGraphics engine. With the exception of a couple of APIs
+to integrate into the native platform, the API is identical to what
+developers are used to.
-The goal is to ease porting existing System.Drawing code bases to the Mac and iOS devices without bringing ay additional unmanaged dependencies (e.g. libgdiplus and everything it requires).
-Unlike Mono's default System.Drawing.dll we are _not_ looking at being pixel perfect compared to Microsoft implementation. This should help, not eliminate, porting .NET code.
-* Complete the assembly :-)
-* Fix the circular dependency of the build.
-Right now MonoMac.dll depends on System.Drawing.dll (e.g. Rectangle[F], Point[F] and Size[F]) but we want this System.Drawing.dll to depend on MonoMac.dll
+This works with both iOS and OSX.

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