Correction in VS solution(unable to compile from source) and invalid error handling in NonContainer.StarTag.ReadTag #10

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VisualStudio was unable to compile TagLib# from source from GitHub(missing files, invalid configuration) so I decided to update it to fit my requirements(prepared AssemblyInfo.cs, link to snk in root directory). I'm not good in autoconf/make stuff, but I hope I didn't break anything.
Additionally, I removed reference to ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib from project and HAVE_SHARPZIPLIB constant from Debug compilation.
Tests project was untouched(only conversion).

NonContainer.StartTag.ReadTag was logging errors to console instead of throwing exceptions. Now it behave correctly.

jakubfijalkowski added some commits Apr 23, 2012
@jakubfijalkowski jakubfijalkowski Updated .gitignore to ignore Visual Studio files(user, suo, pdb, obj …
…folder) and not ignore src/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Solution and project files updated to VS10 and .NET 3.5.
src/AssemblyInfo.cs added(compilation problems in VS).
taglib-sharp project links to snk file in root directory, not to src.
@jakubfijalkowski jakubfijalkowski StartTag.ReadTag thorws exception instead of writing info to console. f62da57
alexkay commented Jun 30, 2012

What is the reason you want the exception?

For the Windows-related changes, I will check it a bit later when I get access to a windows box.


Because when tag is corrupted, user wants to know that. Logging error to console doesn't help, especially in GUI programs, only makes things harder to recognize. And this was the only place where lib was logging errors to console, not throwing exceptions.

alexkay commented Jun 30, 2012

Thank you, it makes sense, I committed the patch. The exceptions are now caught on the TagLib.File level, you can use File.CorruptionReasons and File.PossiblyCorrupt to analyse them.

I'm keeping this request open until the Windows-related changes are checked.


Since this is old and is very likely being used on windows I'm going to close this to clear out old PRs

@decriptor decriptor closed this Jan 9, 2016
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