Fix reading some OggVorbis files #15

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Fixed reading some OggVorbis files that their Vorbis Comment packet is split into prural pages,
but "continued packet" flags are not set.
Strictly, they doesn't meet the OggVorbis specification. However, as far as I tested, TagLib, foobar2000, WinAMP and RockBox can correctly read them. I hope TagLib# can read them too.

I found that xrecode II ( creates such files, but couldn't determine which library caused it.


found no where else you can write.
to mp3 (320 kbps) is often not correctly determine the number of channelsattribute
flags - (111111111111101111010000 01 000100 - 01 - Joint stereo (Stereo))
audiochannels - 1
channelsmode - Single channel (Mono)


This is fixed on Pull Request #28. Joint Stereo is detected correctly now

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