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Home of effort to implement UI Automation (UIA) on Linux.
Summary (from )
* Project Goals
o Make WinForms accessible
o Make Moonlight accessible
o Allow UI Automation based Accessibility Technologies to run on Linux
UI Automation: The User Interface Automation (UIA) specification is an advanced
accessibility framework that Microsoft has released to the community including
an irrevocable pledge of patent rights for anyone implementing the specification.
This [project includes] work to build a Linux implementation of the UIA and an
adapter to make it work well with Linux accessibility projects.
Directory Layout
AtspiUiaSource: AT-SPI2 realization of UIA D-Bus interfaces.
MoonAtkBridge: UIA providers for silverlight controls and components.
UiaAtkBridge: Bridge between UIA providers and ATK.
UiaDbus: D-Bus interface to UIA.
UIAutomation: Implementation of Microsoft UIA assemblies.
UIAutomationWinforms: UIA providers for winforms controls and components.
uia2atk.mdw: MonoDevelop solution for code in above projects.
test: Samples, tests, and other QA resources.
build: Package build scripts and resources.