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  samples: This directory contains sample applications that will be tested

  testers: This directory contains test scripts that are executed against the
          sample applications 

  harness: This directory contains scripts that do one or both of the 

             1.  Copy test scripts to remote machines
             2.  Copy sample applications to remote machines
             3.  Excute the tests onremote machine
             4.  Copy the remote logs to a centralized location

  resources: This directory contains custom stylesheets and images for
             beautifying log files.

  keystrokes: This directory contains the Orca test scripts for the sample

  Always update the uia2atk/test/ChangeLog file when adding, modifying, or
  removing any files in uia2atk/test.


  You may simply run the test script without any arguments (i.e.,
  testers/  This should always work if you have
  not modified the test directory structure after obtaining the test code.

  You may also full path of the sample application when executing the test
  script.  For example:

  ./ /home/a11y/<test directory>/samples/

  When the test is executed, you should see the sample application appear on
  your desktop, Strongwind will execute some tests, and the application should

  For more infromation see:


  Strongwind generates very useful log files.  By default, the log is saved in
  /tmp/strongwind.  Custom stylesheets and images can (and should) be copied
  to the log directory to make the logs pretty.  The stylesheets and images are
  stored in the <test directory>/resources directory.  Simply copy everything
  in that directory to your log directory.  For example:

  cp /home/a11y/<test directory>/resources/* /tmp/strongwind

  Then browse to <log_direcory>/procedures.xml (/tmp/strongwind/procedures.xml)
  by default in your web browser.

  In practice, the stylesheets should be edited to point to the appropriate
  resources instead of copying the resources to the directory of every log.
  This is simply to save storage space.


In the uia2atk/test directory we have created a directory named keystrokes.
This is where the Orca test scripts for our WinForms sample applications will

It is fairly simple to use Orca's test harness to execute our test scripts.
Logs are stored in a directory whose name is of the form YY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS
(e.g., 2006-11-29_20:21:41)

The code below will execute all our test scripts inside the the
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk directory. To execute all our WinForms test
scripts, that path uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms would be used instead.

Results (as explained in the Orca Regression Testing
( document) will be stored in the
current/working directory unless otherwise specific with the -r option.

cd /home/a11y/code/orca/test/harness; ./ \
-k /home/a11y/code/uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk > runall.out 2>&1

Important: Each directory name inside of the uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk and
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms directory is used to execute the application
to be tested. Because of this, each directory in the
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk and uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms directories
should have the same name as the sample application that will be tested. Thus,
the keystroke test scripts for that sample application are then stored in the
directory that has the same name as the sample application that will be tested
by that test script. This is required because Orca runs each application to be
tested by issuing the name of each directory in uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk or
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms as a command. That is, the directory
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk/ means that Orca will executed the
command when the is used and the
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk is passed as the keystrokes directory argument
(-k). This is why we needed to add uia2atk/test/samples to PATH (as discussed
in the Requirements section).

Additionally, the following code can be used to execute a single Orca tests. Logs are stored in the current/working directory.

cd /home/a11y/code/orca/test/harness; ./ \
/home/a11y/code/uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk/gtktutorial/ \
/home/a11y/code/uia2atk/test/samples/gtk/ 0 > runone.out 2>&1

For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that Orca's script
does not require that each directory in the
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms directory have the
same name as the sample application that will be tested. This is because the
application to be tested is specified explicitely. However, we should always
give each directory in uia2atk/test/keystrokes/gtk and
uia2atk/test/keystrokes/winforms the name of the sample application to be
tested, so always runs successfully.

For more infromation see:
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