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General Information
This package provides merge modules and installers for Gtk# on Windows.
Runtime installers provide the GTK+ base, and will install Gtk# into the
Microsoft .NET GAC. SDK installers provide the Runtime sources, development
files (like headers and pc files) for GTK+ and also integrate loosely with
Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
* Wix 3.0.3725.0 or greater installed, and the location of the "bin" folder in
your PATH.
Building Installers
To build an installer for a gtk-sharp version, first build the desired
gtk-sharp tarball using:
make win32-installer
Copy the resulting .msm files from the gtk-sharp directory into the
toplevel directory of this module. Then update the following files:
to reflect the version of gtk-sharp you are building. Then make in the
toplevel directory of this module to build the necessary gtk+, glade, and
dependency msm modules and the runtime and sdk msi installers.
The two installers will reside in runtime-en and sdk-en when the build
Building Merge Modules
To build individual merge modules, open the Command Line (Start -> Run ->
"cmd") and change directory into the module you want to build. Run "make" to
build the module.
Individual merge modules can be merged into other MSI-based installers to
provide Gtk+ and friends. One huge caveat though, if a user tries to install
more than one installer that provide different GTK+ versions and set the PATH
enviroment variable, the installed Gtk+ versions will likely conflict in
unpredicatble ways. Your mileage may vary.
As a convention, the -dev modules require the -lib modules to be installed and